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A Mascot in the Making

You might be destined to be a Hokie, a Hoo or a Havoc-wreaking Ram, but what are you right now?  What are you as a Tyler student?

Tyler needs a mascot, and we need your help to find the perfect one!

The College’s new mascot should:

  • Engender pride and affection for John Tyler
  • Have a connection to the unique personality of the College
  • Be compatible with the Tyler logo and color palette, supporting marketing and communications

Sharing your mascot ideas is simple:

Use #tylermascot on:


Be sure to include why your mascot is the perfect pick.

Or, e-mail your ideas to

We’re gathering ideas this semester, and over the summer, we’ll refine the best ideas into more developed concepts.  We’ll share those concepts in the fall semester and have a community vote on Tyler’s next mascot.

Latest ideas:

  • Mini Bull Terrier:  Bull Terriers are extremely intelligent but they march to the beat of their own drum. Determined, bold, gregarious, friendly, fun, unique and a rare, wonderful breed. His name could be Tyler. Rarely are mascots a domestic animal, except for the Bulldog, which makes it a unique mascot on its own. It could be a white bull terrier who is splatter- painted to signify all the diversity within the school.
  • The Wolfhounds: President John Tyler had two of these giant dogs while he was in the White House.
  • A Platypus named Chesterfield:  It is unique and represents the diversity of the school in all of its options for learning as it has so many diverse characteristics itself: bill like a duck, fur like a mole, tail like a beaver, feet like an otter, etc.
  • The Knights
  • Tyler Trailblazers:  A trailblazer creates a path, and in this case, it’s a path to a successful future.
  • A Clydesdale or a horse: John Tyler was president between the years of 1841 and 1845, during which time America was seeing a tremendous growth in not only size but in political stature. When you think of a country in its early years people tend to think of the people, the land, and the resources. Among those resources are animals, namely horses….Horses have always been viewed as a strong, intelligent, and kind creature. Those characteristics should be associated with the students that attend John Tyler. Though some of us are young we are still strong individuals for getting where we are today by having strong will power and a determination to better ourselves. We are intelligent, as the college’s logo explains we are unexpected, and we always rise to the occasion. We are also kind. There are clubs, groups, and even courses that are dedicated to helping one another.
  • The Mavericks:  A horse wearing a battlefield type uniform and named The General. John Tyler was a Maverick of sorts as a politician.  A maverick by definition is also a horse. His favorite horse's name was The General.
  • The John Tyler Rockets: Blasting off at the speed of education!
  • The Tyler Tigers:  A tiger’s face would be a beautiful symbol that could capture the spirit of the student body.  It can inspire students to tap into their inner strengths and hidden potentials.  Its striking presence alone inspires “awe.”
  • The John Tyler Generals: Named after John Tyler's favorite horse "General."
  • A presidential mascot: One that looks like president John Tyler. We can call him "JT."
  • The John Tyler Patriots: President Tyler had a connection to the Whig party.
  • A Mascot Mash-up: This suggestion went a little something like this, "Is it terribly telepathic of me to suggest that the terrific, tenacious Tyler Tiger trail blazes triumph for RVA-ers who tackle tall targets?"
  • #Presidents #Chargers #Scouts #Warriors #Talons #Tigers
  • The Jokers
  • A Stag: The stag has been used on Coat of Arms for centuries and most famously in England during medieval  times.  The Stag is also a native animal to Virginia and represents peace and tranquility but also stern and ruthlessness.
  • John Tyler Jamming-Tides: Overcoming the currents of life to achieve success!  It has alliteration.  Also, in Richmond we are known for the James River, so I thought of Jamming-Tides (powerful tides) then to use the slogan of overcoming currents (the challenges).  Alternate:  James-Tides (for the James River)
  • Screaming Eagles: It is a mascot that represent pride, charisma, and fearlessness. We scream our pride and will face all of life's challenges with that pride and fearlessness.
  • The Tyler Tygers (Tiger): As far as I know the running club is the only active athletic team we have, besides the soccer team. We are fast and agressive like tigers, and we are making our mark in the athletic community. We have taken quite a few age division awards.
  • ​Aristocrats: It ties to John Tyler's family roots, and it fits with the current logo.
  • John Tyler Giant Isopods:Sure, superficially a foot long crustacean that closely resembles a woodlouse might not seem like the best candidate for a mascot. However, if one looks past its hardened exoskeleton, and deep into its compound eyes, it's easy to see why the giant isopod is exactly what this college needs. No it doesn't have the prestige of a horse, or the cunning of a mini bull terrier, but anything that lives 2000 meters below the ocean's surface and can survive 5 years without eating does have one quality that we can all respect, and that's fortitude. We've all been down on our luck, but none of us has ever been so unlucky that we were 6,500 feet under the ocean in the pitch black with nothing to eat. If our little giant isopod can live in those conditions then surely it can serve as a symbol of determination and hope for all. Finally, with our school's motto being "we're not what you'd expect", why should our mascot be any less?
  • A warhorse called John: Tying in with both Tyler’s warhorse General and the school’s namesake, the warhorse could also be called ‘Jonathon’ to distinguish itself from the school or president. John (horse) could wear a simple Civil-War era saddle with colorful bridle and blanket showcasing the school’s colors. A possible team name could be ‘The Warhorses’.
  • The talented and tenacious Teals: What’s in the world is a Teal might you ask? Well it is a breed of duck. No not a Mallard, but a close-close cousin to the more common, Blue Winged Teals which can be found migrating through Virginia. Green Winged Teals, are commonly known as Greenwings, can also be seen migrating along the east coast (if you look hard enough) primarily during the winter seasons, including the surrounding Virginia area. They have a gorgeous russet/ burgundy head with a very dramatic and vibrant aqua/green or teal, as the name suggests, band of color that originates from behind the eyes and down along the nape of their necks. This beautiful green band of color can also be found at the base of the secondary feathers of the bird's wings (also known as the Speculum) which is also flanked by bands of yellow and black, maintaining a very dapper and unique appearance. The natural coloration of these unique birds conveniently lends itself to the color pallet that has already been established for John Tyler Community College.

    The talented, tenacious Teals would be a wonderful mascot and representation for John Tyler Community College, because it is a very majestic creature with a very unique outer beauty. Yet, don’t be mistaken, even though this bird is small, even for a duck, they do have a very sharp serrated bill, and can be quite territorial and protective of their flock when they need to be.Naturally, this bird is both stealthy, extremely fast, and an excellent representation of a what it takes to be a team player!  Did you know that ducks have also been embedded in the rich history of our geographical area, too? Ducks have served a vital role in Native American folklore in tribes along the Eastern Coast.

  • An Italian Greyhound or a Greyhound: President John Tyler had an Italian Greyhound as pet when he was president named Le Beau. It would be an attractive image and make for great slogans. “Speed your way to a great education” “Accelerate your success at JTCC”

  • Tyler Archers: John Tyler's home was called Sherwood Forest, which was known in legend for a famous archer, and our students and staff are always aiming for excellence

  • A groundhog: There is always one on the campus grounds in Chester. 

  • Tornados, panthers or bobcats

  • The Settlers - To represent the English and French who originally settled in Midlothian and Chester

  • John Tyler Mavericks - President John Tyler was considered a political maverick, and many students can be considered mavericks for choosing to follow a unique path. #tylermascot

Updated May 30, 2014 

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