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The Campaign for Tyler’s New Mascot
The race is on for John Tyler Community College’s new mascot!  Campaign for your favorite finalist, and watch for more details on the November 4 election.

Tyler Trailblazers

Tyler Trailblazers
Trailblazers create new paths and boldly move forward.  Horses are powerful, intelligent and kind creatures that have played a vital role in our local history, and they were a popular mascot suggestion.

Tyler Teals

Tyler Teals
What’s a teal? Well, it’s a duck, but not an ordinary duck.  Teals have burgundy heads with very dramatic teal bands of color that originate from behind the eyes and move down the nape of their necks.  Bands of the same vibrant green can also be found on the birds’ wings.  Teals “winter” in our local area, and they are extremely fast and resilient. 

Tyler Torrents

Tyler Torrents
A torrent is a strong, fast-moving stream of water that is always moving toward something bigger.  As a region that loves our rivers, creeks and streams, the Tyler Torrents seemed like a natural pick as a finalist.

Campaign for Your Favorite
Have fun with the campaign!  Clubs, endorse a candidate.  Film students, make a campaign commercial.  Take selfies, make fliers and wear a button (available at upcoming College events) promoting your favorite candidate. Whatever you do share it using #tylermascot.  The most creative and popular posts will be rewarded with a T-shirt featuring the new mascot at the end of the Fall 2014 semester.

How did we pick the finalists? 
Last spring, we asked for mascot suggestions from the College community based on these qualifications.  The mascot should:

  • Engender pride and affection for John Tyler Community College
  • Have a connection to the unique personality of the College
  • Be compatible with the Tyler logo and color palette, supporting marketing and communications

The ideas submitted ranged from horses and dogs to knights and isopods. The Creative Services team at the College compiled the suggestions, looked for common themes and ideas, researched duplication with other local schools, and selected the three finalists. 

Now, we want to know which candidate is your favorite!  

Use #tylermascot on:


And, watch this space for more details on the November 4 election.

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