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Cisco Network

Career Studies Certificate (C.S.C.)


This program is designed to prepare individuals for employment in the computer networking field.

Program Requirements and Special Conditions

Students must meet JTCC admission requirements. Students must also complete placement tests (or equivalent) in English, and scores will be used for appropriate course placement. If students have deficiencies in English, JTCC offers developmental and prerequisite courses to prepare students for the curriculum. New students should see a counselor and returning students their advisor for more information.

Program Curriculum

1st Semester Credits Standard Course Options
ITN 101 Introduction to Network Concepts 3  
ITN 154 Networking Fundamentals-Cisco 4  
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Software Applications 3 See Note 1.
Total Credits 10  
2nd Semester Credits Standard Course Options
ITN155 Introductory Routing-Cisco 3  
Total Credits 3  
3rd Semester Credits Standard Course Options
ITN 156 Basic Switching and Routing-Cisco 3  
Total Credits 3  
4th Semester Credits Standard Course Options
ITN 157 WAN Technologies-Cisco 3  
ITE 290 Coordinated Internship 1  
Total Credits 4  
Total Credits For Program 20  

Notes and Additional Curriculum Options

  1. Students with good computer skills may seek to satisfy this requirement by CLEP.

For additional information on this program, please contact the Division of Engineering, Business and Public Services: 804-706-5121 (Chester) or 804-594-1480 (Midlothian).


2015-2016 College Catalog & Student Handbook


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