The Art of Learning Tent

ReThink Your Drink *
The USDA recommends the average person consume no more than 40 grams of added sugar per day. Come see how your daily intake compares.
Carol Taylor, Assistant Professor of Nursing, and Nursing Faculty

Are your hands clean? *
Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Is your handwashing technique effective?
Carol Taylor, Assistant Professor of Nursing, and Nursing Faculty

Become a Social Scientist
Learn about famous social scientists, and then, transform into one by decorating your own sociologist mask and asking important questions. See what answers Tyler students have found in their own research for the annual Social Sciences Research Expo.
Michael Rutz, Instructor in Sociology

Fool for Jewelry Art
Bring your imagination! Library staff will help you transform ordinary hardware and craft supplies into incredible necklaces.
Laura Davis, Library Assistant, and Midlothian and Chester Library Faculty and Staff

Magic: Chemistry or Illusion? *
The hand may be quicker than the eye, but is science? Find out, as chemistry demonstrations and non-chemistry illusions will be performed by John Tyler students and faculty.
Dr. Rhodora Snow, Professor of Chemistry

Bright as a Button! Design Your Own Button
Join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in creating pinback buttons of your own design! Children of all ages can write, draw, color, or decorate their own buttons in two different sizes!
Molli Gonzalez, Reference/Emerging Technologies Librarian, and Phi Theta Kappa Beta Omicon Omicron and Tau Rho Chapters

Children's Sun Visors
Get creative, and make a personal sun visor using a variety of art supplies.
Penny Speidel, Associate Professor of English, Future Teachers Club, and JTCC’s Early Childhood Students

Muscles, Organs and Bones *
See a human skeleton and models of human organs. Identify organs as you take them out of the body, and then see if you can put them back. Compare a few animal bones to their human counterparts.
Carol Carr, Instructor in Biology, and Dr. Tiffany Randall, Associate Professor of Biology

Creating Nature Journals
What do you hear and see or even smell when you are outside? Come make a journal where you can write and draw your own observations. Creativity is encouraged!
English Faculty

The Wonders of Science *
Unleash your inner scientists with fun, hands-on experiments that will have you explore, create, investigate, and search for answers. Topics include:
Super Balls
How do icicles grow?
Potato clocks
Exploring the world beneath your feet
Observing Chloroplasts
What are Monocots?
How do plants drink water?
How does a boat float?
Chalk periodic table
Polymer power
How does an electromagnetic work?
Tie die milk
Is it static electricity or magic?
Pinecone birdfeeders
What’s your ID tag?
Owl Pellets
Dr. Michael Iannuzzi, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Yousef Mohajer, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Patricia Smeltz, Associate Professor of Biology, and Dr. Rhodora Snow, Professor of Chemistry

Helping Leapers in Leap Year
Paint toad houses, and learn how you can place them to help protect toads and frogs. Explore other home nature projects such as bat houses, bluebird houses, Monarch gardens, and more.
Pocahontas Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists

Continue the Story
Come by the ARC and add a sentence or two to a collaborative story written sentence by sentence, participant by participant. We give you the opening line, where the story goes is up to you!
Ian Bodkin, Writing Center Coordinator

My First College Application
Plan on going to college some day? Imagine your future and have fun creating your own first college application.
Altrice Smith, Interim Director of Advising and the Advising staff

* Denotes activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Health Care (STEM-H).