The Art of Learning Tent

Tyler's faculty, staff and students have packed the Art of Learning Tent with tons of hands-on activities and experiments. Activities run from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. or until supplies run out.

What's Your Super Power?
Got a secret identity? Create an awesome, one-of-a-kind mask for your superhero alter-ego. Plus, enter a drawing to win a Superhero Reading Kit!
Chester Library Faculty and Staff

Blood Pressure Screenings and Education
Individual blood pressure screening and tips on managing and monitoring blood pressure.
Janet Arnold, Associate Professor Nursing, Nursing Faculty and Nursing Students

Grow Your Own Healthy Food
Pick up a free tomato plant, and learn about growing your own healthy food with a vegetable garden.
Sherri Deutsch-Atwell, Associate Professor of Nursing, Nursing Faculty and Nursing Students

Have Fun Getting Healthy!
Let our nursing students show you how fun it can be to lead a healthy lifestyle! Learn about nutrition, growth and development through therapeutic play.
Sherri Deutsch-Atwell, Associate Professor of Nursing, Nursing Faculty and Nursing Students

Muscles, Organs and Bones
See a human skeleton and models of human organs. Identify organs as you take them out of the body, and then see if you can put them back. Compare a few animal bones to their human counterparts.
Dr. John Koch, Professor of Biology, and Biology Faculty

Creating Nature Journals
What do you hear and see or even smell when you are outside? Come make a journal where you can write and draw your own observations. Creativity is encouraged!
Dr. Marty Brooks, Professor of English, and English Faculty

Creative Kerchiefs
Use stamps and fabric paint to design a one-of-a-kind kerchief - suitable for wearing while reading, of course!
Midlothian Library Faculty and Staff

Children's Sun Visors
Create a personalized sun visor using a variety of art supplies.
Future Teachers Club and Early Childhood Education Students

Button It!
Don’t button up!  Speak your mind with a button you design.  
Tau Rho and Beta Omicron Omicron chapters of Phi Theta Kappa

Mortuary Reconstruction
Participants will have the opportunity to experience a simulation of restorative art that morticians perform in the embalming room. Plastic skulls and wax will be used to make a nose, eyes, ears or mouth or an entire wax sculpture.
Rhonda Pleasants, Associate Professor of Funeral Services,  Funeral Services Faculty and Funeral Services Students

Tyler & the Rosenwald Schools Initiative
Learn about Rosenwald Schools in Virginia and the work John Tyler students have done to preserve our community histories.
Dr. Alyce Miller, Associate Professor of History, and the History Club

Reality vs. Perception of Reality
Learn about the leading philosophical theories of art and beauty and discuss the difference between reality and the perception of reality. 
Samantha Emswiler, Instructor of Philosophy, and the Philosophy Club

Create a Character
Unleash your creativity, and find your inner drama king or queen with this fun activity. Using basic materials, you can make a fabulous mask or hat. There are a million characters to create!
Kerrigan Sullivan, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Theatre, and the Theatre Club

Arthaus Visual Art Studio
Check out what Arthaus Visual Art Studio has to offer with a hands-on art activity.
Arthaus Visual Art Studio Staff

The Wonders of Science
Tons of fun experiments, including:

  • Solar-powered Cookie Maker
  • Environmentally Friendly Paint
  • Kaleidoscopes
  • Erupt a Volcano
  • Floating Pumice
  • Snow, Tornados and Fog
  • Electricity
  • Recycling Boxes
  • Recycled Robots
  • Super Balls
  • Kinetic and Magnetic Sand
  • Magnets and Magnetic Field
  • Water Cycle Bracelets and UV
  • Fossils
  • Heat-sensitive Materials
  • Fluorescent Rocks
  • Rock Sorting
  • Dolomites

Dr. Kristine Smetana, Professor of Chemistry, and the Chemistry Club with support from the American Chemical Society