Building Stories…A New Kind of Book

When you think of the physical make-up of a  book, you think of the cover,  the text block, and the back cover.   That's pretty much it,  right?  Not anymore!  Times are changing and our books are too.  We are not talking about ebooks, rather book art, where books come alive! The Midlothian library recently acquired a new piece of book art- Building Stories by Chris Ware.  In the 14 piece collection of  books, comic strips, maps,  a game board, and more, readers will find the story of a building's occupants.  Depending on…continue reading →

Maya Angelou, National Treasure

  America has lost a great treasure.  This week, the world said goodbye to an amazing teacher, poet, performer, activist, director, writer, and person. Dr. Maya Angelou, best known around the library as a great figure in literature, passed away on May 28, 2014.  She left behind a legacy of words, performances, and actions.  As she stated herself, "nothing can dim the light that shines within."  The memory of Dr. Angelou shine bright in America's culture, literature and art. The JTCC libraries have a wonderful collection of Dr. Angelou's work.  Please come by…continue reading →