Thursday, February 6th, 2014...3:54 pm

African American History Month

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African American history is American history. Brush up on your history! Come into the Library during February and take a look at the displays celebrating African American History Month. Featured books include the topics of politics, new fiction, literature of the Harlem Renaissance, essays by noted African Americans from the 19th century, music, autobiographies, poetry and more.

This year’s theme is the Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 declared discrimination based on color, race, creed, sex or national origin to be illegal and foundationally undemocratic. The Act came on the heels of years of protests, sit-ins and freedom rides by African American citizens and their compatriots; acts which were all too often met with suppression and racially-motivated violence.  Its eventual passage into law marked a turning-point for millions of Americans, who had heretofore faced systematic prejudice, bigotry, isolation, lack of opportunity and physical and psychological violence merely because of the colors of their skins.


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