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Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington

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Alice Bliss

Growing up is tough. Your dad getting deployed to Iraq can make it even tougher. Alice Bliss, her sister and mother must adjust to life without their father, Matt, when his Army reserve unit gets called up. Letters take a long time to arrive and telephone calls are much too short. Alice must navigate the start of high school, her first dance, and all the uncertainties of adolescence without the supportive presence of her cherished father. Then the devastating news: Matt is missing in action.

For additional reading about experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan try:

One Was a Soldier (Julia Spencer-Fleming) Haunted by their memories of Iraq, five veterans struggle to adjust to life back home when one of the five dies under mysterious circumstances.

The Junior Officers’ Reading Club:  killing time and fighting wars (Patrick Hennessy) A memoir by a British army officer stationed in Iraq and later Afghanistan describing “his transformation from arrogant enlistee . . . to fierce and seasoned commander.”


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