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Annie Leibovitz: At Work

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annie-leibovitz-at-work-coverPart memoir, part biopic, At Work allows the photographer Annie Leibovitz to speak through and about her work…simultaneously. Instead of separating photography from commentary, the artist from the art, At Work allows both to tell their tale.

At Work follows a straight biographical timeline, and pairs Leibovitz’s photographs with her own words and interpretations-which reads like watching/listening to the director’s commentary version of a film. The book begins with Leibovitz’s first subjects (her family, including grandmother), through her tour with the Rolling Stones, then her work FOR Rolling Stone magazine¬†and Gap. Many of her iconic photos are here, including the naked and pregnant Demi Moore, the cast of the Sopranos posed as The Last Supper, and the image of John and Yoko taken hours before his assassination.

Leibovitz tells the story of each photograph, and describes with them the evolution of her as an artist, the refining of her technique. She also divulges the stories from behind the camera, of the photo shoots, of the failed attempts and accidental successes. This honest and confessional storytelling shows the creative process, and how many mistakes can lead to a great success.

Check out Annie Leibovitz At Work in the John Tyler Library catalog and hear and see an American artist in her own words.


  • my opinion of Annie Leibovitz is mixed – part of me feels as thogh she is a sell out, the “publicity stunt” celebrity shots are partly to blame for that.
    the other part of me believes that she does possess true artistic sight.
    i dont know. ..

  • nice post…. good comment too…

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