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FREE citation tool for MLA style:

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Image from EasyBib

The bibliography is a crucial part of a project; it brings all of the research together and gives the paper credibility. Yet preparing the citations is a detailed and sometimes tedious process.

EasyBib can help. As one fan said on Facebook (thank you, Aliyah Hauser Prontaut!) EasyBib is like a calculator for your English paper.

EasyBib is simple to use: select a source, fill out the form (title, author,ISBN), then export to Word. EasyBib formats your works cited page in MLA format, ready to go.

EasyBib is online and accessible anywhere.

The good news:

  • Find books by title, author, even ISBN number (check on the inside of the book); EasyBib will fill in the details
  • Formats both website and online journal citations
  • Saves citations in one place, so students can return to it or review past research
  • Creates the entire bibliography in Word, ready to be used (even at the last minute!)

The bad news:

  • APA, Chicago and Harvard are all features of the PAID site (only MLA is FREE.)
  • Ads and sound on site
  • Some citations have errors; recommend Owl at Purdue for double checking citations.

Be an intelligent researcher! Use tools, but use them WISELY.


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