Concerned about cost, source, even the methods used to grow your food?

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Why garden?

  • Health. Gardening provides exercise and food.
  • Variety. Home gardeners select vegetable varieties for taste or appearance—not on how well a vegetable keeps in the refrigerator, or how well it travels to market. Striped tomatoes, anyone?
  • Heritage. Remember your Grandfather’s amazing heart-shaped tomatoes? Bitter melon, cream peas, mizuna, and Thai eggplants are not available at the grocery store. Grow your history!
  • Cost. Heirloom tomatoes can cost $6.00/lb; a large tomato may weigh a pound. A packet of organic heirloom seeds is about $2. Not rocket science!
  • Safety. When you grow your own organic veg, you know how it was grown. Not shipped across the world, or sprayed with chemicals, or stored in a cooler for 6 months. Eat local!

Learn More

Gardening is a productive hobby, and there is always more to learn.

“Though an old man, I am but a young gardener” Thomas Jefferson

Online Resources

Homeplace Earth: Attend the GROW Biointensive Mini-Farming Workshop at Fool For Art! Cindy Conner, founder of the sustainable agriculture program at Reynolds is giving a free workshop. Great for all food gardeners wanting to make their gardens more sustainable and productive.

Urban Homestead: Pasadena family grows most of their own food on a tiny urban lot. See how they do it.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Organic, heirloom seed company located in Mineral, Virginia. Specializes in seeds for the mid-Atlantic region.

Virginia Cooperative Extension: Expert answers for all your gardening questions.

Library Resources

Guide to Virginia Vegetable Gardening by Walter Reeves and Felder Rushing

Incredible edibles:  43 fun things to grow in the city by Sonia Day

Rodale’s ultimate encyclopedia of organic gardening:  the indispensable green resource for every gardener

The self-sufficient life and how to live it:  the complete back-to-basics guide by John Seymour with Will Sutherland

Get out there and grow for it!

Written by Suzanne

Suzanne has loved books from an early age, and remembers reading her 24 volume World Book Encyclopedia set when she ran out of novels. Now that she works in a library, she will never run out of reading material again! Suzanne is a recent MLS graduate who loves working with students and technology.

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