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Literature Goes Digital

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What if you re-wrote great literature condensing the action into chapters of up to 140 characters? Oh wait, that’s a tweet, right? Hence, the fusion of tweets and literature into Twitterature, the creation of University of Chicago dorm mates, Alexander Aciman and Emmett Rensin. Aciman and Rensin have taken 83 classic and not-so-classic works and reduced them to 20 tweets or fewer. From Aristophanes’ Lysistrata to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight—where else would you have those two together?—you could “read” nearly the whole western literary canon in under an hour.

  • From Frankenstein: “Digging up body parts and putting them together seems pretty out there. Maybe add a million volts of electricity?”
  • From The Aeneid: “Got a gift of a huge wooden horse today, here in Troy. Just appeared outside the city gate. BTW: War going poorly.”
  • From Jane Eyre: “My aunt is sending me to a crap boarding school. It’s like the ones you see in commercials for Save the Children on the History Channel.”
  • From The Three Musketeers:” I have to go on a diamond heist with my boyz. Athos is riding shotgun in the carriage.”
  • From Twilight: “My life lately has been a bit like a lonely girl’s slightly creepy juvenile sex fantasy. But at least it really happened!!!”

Available in the Midlo library collection. Check it out!

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