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May I Suggest? A paperback book with a side of questions?

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Looking for books to interest your book club members? Is finding a book for your book club meeting an overwhelming task? Are you asking yourself: Will everyone like it? Will anyone like it? Will it generate discussion? Are copies available in the library? As for the first question—don’t worry whether or not all your members will like it. Often the best discussions come from books that some liked and some hated. After all, happy families are all alike, aren’t they? And where’s the drama in that? And as for the last question—John Tyler Community College libraries have lots of books popular with reading groups. Here are a few examples with links to discussion questions:

Before I Go to Sleep

discussion guide

Hunger Games

discussion guide

Night Circus

discussion guide


discussion guide


Some web sites with book club advice:

And of course the Dangerous Library Book Pushers welcome your questions about books and reading.


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