Wednesday, October 6th, 2010...10:18 am

Meet the fonts!

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Hidden in plain sight, fonts make a difference in how we experience reading and writing. Smooth reading or jarring emphasis…the font has it.

Check out these related mini-movies from the designers and typographers at Penguin Books…and never look at Gil Sans the same way again!


  • Trade Gothic and Interstate for sans-serif. I’m all over the place with serif fonts. I love some of the new slab-serif fonts like Archer and even Rockwell and Serifa. I love fonts.

  • Fontastic! I have to admit I like Calibri, even though it is a basic MS font (even one of the designers in the video liked Calibri.) I do almost no layout now…the world of fonts moved on without me! I hate the overuse of fun fonts; an entire email written in Comic Sans kills me.

  • Comic Sans kills me period. That’s all I can say.

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