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Push by Sapphire/Precious (Base on Nol by Saf)

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Book or movie? BOTH!


Illiterate, pregnant with her second child by her father, and abused by her mother, 16 year old middle school student Precious has every disadvantage.  Through the pages of Push, Precious speaks her truths with street toughness and vulnerability. Listening to her figure things out is fascinating and heartbreaking.

Push by Sapphire at JTCC Library


Author Sapphire talks about the transformation of her book Push into the movie Precious.

The movie Precious (Base on Nol by Saf) won two Oscars (Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay) and three Sundance Film Festival Awards.

Question: Both works stand on their own merit. What is your definition of success? The book created Precious and lets Precious speak for herself, but went largely unnoticed.  The movie takes the existing character and brings Precious to the big screen, and wins multiple prizes. Is it better to create or to adapt, or are they completely dependent on each other? Which would you rather do?

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