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SmartHistory is an open source, web-based textbook created by two art historians. Study art in a modern way with video, commentary and interactive content. won a Webby for Best Education Website in 2009.

  • Watch videos of two scholars analyzing work while viewing it in person. (The Starry Night video includes discussion about how difficult it is to see such a popular painting in a crowded museum!)
  • View eras and commentary organized both stylistically and chronologically with both text and images.
  • Explore artist singly or within larger context.
  • Upload your own photos, content and ideas.
  • Create your own videos and content with best practice guidelines.

Love print? Both campus libraries have a good collection of art books to check out. Search the catalog for a general art title, a period or an artist. Or come in to the library and browse…call numbers for the the art section start with the letter N.

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