Tuesday, September 21st, 2010...2:19 pm

Two dollars…I need my TWO DOLLARS

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Who says a dollar isn’t worth anything anymore?  At JTCC one dollar buys twenty (20!) laser copies. Only ONE DOLLAR for the matching value card—amazing! What a bargain!

Kidding aside, you DO pay to print in the library.

5 Cents/Page= Great Value.

Bring CASH: students need two (2) ONE DOLLAR BILLS or one (1) FIVE DOLLAR BILL to purchase and load a print card. The vending machine is in the library and accepts $1 and $5 only. No credit cards, no debit cards.

Bring your allowance, your tips, your brother’s wallet—it all works in the library.

(Thanks to TheRealPorkchop for the remix of Better Off Dead on YouTube.)


  • One dollar for 20 copies goes along way for students who are attending college. It’s quite humorous to see the boy being aggressive about his money on the youtube video. My undergraduate school actually charges 10 cents. I know how frustrating it can be when you have whole chapters to photocopy.

  • Thanks for the comment! We try to keep printing costs low–the four year schools near us also charge 10 cents a page. We are only five!

    The clip from Better Off Dead is one of my favorites. Later in the movie the paperboy chases Lane down the mountain…on skiis….asking for his TWO DOLLARS.

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