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Advanced Manufacturing Technology AAS

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

C Career & technical education programs for job training Career & technical education programs for job training = Career & technical education programs for job training, guided by Advisory Committees
P Majors pending approval Majors pending approval = Majors pending approval


The advanced manufacturing technology degree is designed to meet the evolving workforce needs of business and industry. Manufacturing today depends on the combination of new technology, new materials and advanced processes. The degree provides the student with the general knowledge and technical foundation skills in the areas of quality control, rapid prototyping, lean production technologies, supply chain management and computer integrated manufacturing. The program prepares the student to function effectively as an advanced manufacturing technician or serve in a supervisory position in a manufacturing setting.

Program Requirements and Special Conditions

Students must meet JTCC admissions requirements If students have deficiencies in English and/or mathematics, JTCC offers remedial courses to prepare students for the curriculum. Work-based learning is a required component of the program. Students without current or recent related work experience are responsible for securing their own internships, assisted by JTCC faculty. Students with current or related work experience are responsible for working with the faculty advisor to secure appropriate documentation. New students should visit the Advising Center and returning students their faculty advisor for more information.

Printable Advising Sheet

Required Courses CR. Pre-requisite Courses Approved Course Substitutions
BUS 234 Supply Chain Management Offered Spring Only 3   BUS 266
IND 137 Team Concepts & Problem Solving Offered Spring Only 3    
IND 101 Quality Assurance Technology I Offered Fall & Summer Only 3   BUS 208
IND 181 World Class Manufacturing 3    
IND 250 Introduction to Basic Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3    
PSY 126 Psychology for Business and Industry 3   PSY 200
Milestone: Advanced Manufacturing Management CSC (See faculty advisor)
SDV 101 Orientation to Advanced Manufacturing 1   SDV 100
ENG 115 Technical Writing 3 See Placement Test Scores ENG 111
MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics I 3 See Placement Test Scores MTH 157. MTH 158, MTH 163, MTH 270
IND 116 Applied Technology 3    
CAD 201 Computer Aided Drafting & Design 3    
DRF 128 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 2    
MTH 104 Applied Technical Mathematics II 3 MTH 103 MTH, 157, MTH 158, MTH 163, MTH 270
SAF 126 Principles of Industrial Safety 3    
ELE 150 A.C. and D.C. Circuit Fundamentals 4    
ELE 239 Programmable Controllers 3    
Humanities Elective 3   See Note 2
ELE 240 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers 3    
CAD 235 Applications for Additive Manufacturing 3    
MAC 121 Computer Numerical Control 1 3    
MEC 113 Materials and Process of Industry 3    
Health/Physical Education Elective 1    
Restricted Technical Elective 3   ELE 156, MEC 140, MAC 122
Total Minimum Credits to Complete 65    


  1. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their SDV, ENG, and MTH requirements first.
  2. The humanities elective must be satisfied by completing one 3-credit conceptual humanities course. See web site ( for a list of approved conceptual and applied humanities electives.
  3. The social science elective requirement can be satisfied by courses with the following prefixes: ECO, GEO, HIS, PLS, PSY, and SOC.
  4. Related Career Studies Certificate: Advanced Manufacturing Management CSC
  5. Students should regularly meet with their faculty advisor and check their advisement report in MyTyler – SIS.
  6. Courses noted as Fall only or Spring only are based on historical trends and current planning and may change without notice.
  7. This program is not intended for transfer. Students desiring to transfer should consult their academic advisors and their intended transfer institutions for specific direction in program and course selection. Required courses for any major at four-year institutions may vary.

2017-2018 College Catalog & Student Handbook

Your Right to Know

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia requires colleges to provide information on graduation rates. The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges to publish gainful employment consumer information for career/technical programs.

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