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Sherwood Forest Art & Literary Review

Sherwood Forest Art & Literary Review 2017

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Congratulations to the students who were honored in the 2017 Sherwood Forest Art & Literary competition. 


1st Place Laura Ingram
2nd Place Lori Mears
3rd Place Schuyler Humphries
Honorable Mention Whitney Cook
Honorable Mention Elizabeth Lewis


1st Place Esther Herdman
2nd Place Laura Ingram
3rd Place Daniel Nordvig
Honorable Mention Savannah Shomette

Creative Nonfiction

1st Place Mary Czeizinger
2nd Place Linden Edwards
3rd Place Charles Edwards
Honorable Mention R.D. Lewis
Honorable Mention Joanna Wallace


1st Place Jack Goolsby
2nd Place Zach Duke
3rd Place Shaquan Herring
Honorable Mention Elise Blakeley
Honorable Mention Alexander Dougherty

Information about the 2017 Sherwood Forest competition will be available on this page in the fall.


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