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Veterans Affairs FAQs

What basic types of benefits are available?
The College provides educational opportunities for qualifying veterans and eligible dependents of veterans, as well as National Guard, selected reserve and active-duty military personnel. You can learn more about VA education assistance programs by visiting or the Virginia National Guard Education Benefits page.

Call the Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs Offices at John Tyler for more information and to begin the VA educational benefits application process. For most programs, you will need to bring page 4 of your DD214.

What kind of college programs qualify for VA educational benefits?
All credit programs offered at John Tyler have been approved for VA educational benefits. To be eligible to receive any VA educational benefits, VA students must be enrolled in a specific program of study and will be paid only for those classes that are required for graduation from that program.

How can I get my enrollment certified?
Regardless of whether veterans elect to complete a hard copy or electronic application for VA educational benefits, all applicants must contact the Veteran Affairs Office at the College when they register for classes each semester, in order to have their enrollment data certified for proper payment to the VA Regional Office.

How much will I be paid?
Please consult the United States Department of Veterans Affairs web site for the latest on education benefit payment rates.

What if I have prior credits to transfer?
VA students are required to have previous college coursework evaluated to determine if it could apply toward their current program of study at John Tyler. This evaluation will include any course(s) taken at an approved educational institution, even if the course(s) were not paid for by VA. An official transcript from all prior colleges and universities you have attended should be sent to the College’s Admissions and Records Office for evaluation. The VA has the right to suspend or deny future benefits if you do not provide us this information.

VA students are required to have their service branch transcripts forwarded to John Tyler. Each service branch (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps) provide this as a free service to the veteran. Request forms for military service transcripts are available at the Veterans Affairs Office.

What happens if I drop a class?
If a VA student drops a course or withdraws from all classes, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Veterans Affairs Office. Courses dropped during the semester could result in an overpayment of educational benefits, if you do not immediately notify the College of the change. Mitigating circumstances may be considered for payment purposes.

How can I avoid problems with my VA benefits?
The VA may withhold, delay, deny, or even make you repay funds if you do not keep the College and U.S. Department of Veteran Services properly informed of your status. Please remember the following:

  • Keep your address current. Contact the Veterans Affairs Office if you move.
  • Respond promptly to all requests from the VA. Your benefits depend on it.
  • Do not repeat classes that have already been counted toward your degree/certificate completion. The VA will not count them as part of your enrollment status. If you want to repeat a class for which you already have credit, contact the Veterans Affairs Office, so we can adjust your enrollment status.
  • Avoid taking classes that are not in your degree program. If you want to do this, contact the Veterans Affairs Office, so we can adjust your enrollment status.
  • If you want to change your degree program, contact the Veterans Affairs Office immediately.
  • Promptly notify the Veterans Affairs Office upon any change in your enrollment. This helps expedite notification of your status to the regional office and speeds processing the accurate payment of your entitlements.

Are there other programs to consider?
VA work-study positions and tutorial assistance are also available to eligible veterans. The work-study program pays minimum wage for a maximum of 25 hours per week. Contact the Financial Aid Office or Veterans Affairs Office for details.

Active duty personnel may choose to use the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program instead of their VA benefits. But, remember, you cannot use tuition assistance and VA benefits at the same time.

In 2000-2001, the Virginia National Guard began paying full tuition and fees. If you are a soldier or airman in the Virginia Guard, contact your unit Education Services Officer for details. The Reserve Components of other branches of the military may offer educational incentives as well. Contact a reserve recruiter for more information.

VA students are encouraged to also apply for other federal financial aid programs. Please contact the Veterans Affairs Office for more information.

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