I want to be an …. Architect

You're fascinated with how buildings and homes look and are created. The science behind construction interests you, and you like to draw. So, you think architecture might be a good career for you. What do you do to get started?

Talk it Out!
Sit down with your parents, and let them know what you're interested in. Meet with your counselor, and make sure you're signed up for the classes that will help you get there. Whenever possible, talk to people who are already working as architects - they can tell you how they did it and give you great ideas. You might even get a chance to volunteer, intern or work with them.

In High School …
You'll find yourself in classes with students who have other interests and career goals. After all, everyone needs some experience with English, math, science and history. In addition, you'll probably get the chance to take some interesting career and technical classes (also called CTE classes). These classes could include technical drawing and design, architectural drawing and design, and architectural CAD. Classes may vary from one county and city to another, so talk to your counselor about the options available to you.

After High School …
There are many skills you'll need to build if you want to become an architect. After all, you can't just draw a house, you have to understand the structure, and what makes it stand. You can learn those skills in college, and community colleges, like John Tyler, might give you an affordable option. There will be general education classes to take, like English composition and pre-calculus, but there will also be numerous specialized classes. Those could include architectural drafting, surveying, materials and methods of construction, and environmental systems.

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