Web Designer

I want to be a …. Web Designer

Say you like computers, and you think designing web sites would be cool. How do you get there?

Talk it Out!
Sit down with your parents, and let them know what you're interested in. Meet with your counselor, and make sure you're signed up for the classes you need. Whenever possible, talk to people who are already working as web designers - they can tell you how they did it and give you great ideas. You might even get a chance to volunteer, intern or work with them.

In High School …
You'll find yourself in classes with students who have other interests and career goals. After all, everyone needs some experience with English, math, science and social studies/sciences. But, if you want to go high-tech in your career, you'll likely find yourself taking some advanced math and science courses - like pre-calculus, AP calculus and applied physics.

You'll also end up taking some cool career and technical classes (also called CTE classes). These will cover subjects that are directly connected to your interest in web design. Classes could include programming for digital media, information technology applications and fundamentals of computer systems. You might even be encouraged to get an internship that will give you a taste of what a web designer does in a workday.

After High School …
Getting additional training can go a long way when you're trying to land a job. Whether you go to a two- or a four-year college or attend a technical school, you'll be surprised at all the new skills you'll learn. Yes, there will likely be some additional English, math and science classes, but you will also get to take classes that support your interest in things like digital media.

Want more specifics? Check out the Virginia Education Wizard at www.vawizard.org.