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Success Stories

A Writer’s Guide to the Universe

Posted on November 01, 2013

Picture of Ashanti Luke

In so many ways, science fiction writers live above the rules.  If gender roles are hindering a story line, remove them.  To make a statement about the growing role of technology, jump into the future.  If politics in this world cloud some readers’ judgment, set your story on another planet. 

That freedom is what interests – and challenges – Instructor of English Ashanti Luke, author of the science fiction novel Dusk, about the genre.  Science fiction removes us from the world we know, so we can better understand the world around us.  But, Luke knows making those connections – even putting pen to paper – takes bravery, practice and persistence.   

In his novel writing courses at John Tyler, Luke sees himself as a guide for students, pushing them past negativity and fear of the unknown into whole new worlds of their own creation.   

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