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Thinking Made Visual

Posted on March 31, 2014

Picture of Bunnie Comer

American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Saul Bass famously said, “Design is thinking made visual.” 

In 2013, Bunnie Comer, a graphic design student at Tyler, documented the “visual thinking” she uses to create chalkboard drawings at Richmond’s popular Strawberry Street Café for a class project.  In her time-lapse video, Comer erases a drawing she did of a famous painting by Manet and replaces it with a Havoc-wreaking VCU Ram.

“I really love watching the process and seeing the drawing come to life. The video let me view my work in a different way as well,” says Comer. “This project really opened doors for me, and it has shown me that a little extra work can get your name out there and get you noticed.”

The video, which – along with two of Comer’s other pieces – won the 2014 J. Wade Ferrell Award in Tyler’s 2014 Juried Student Art Show, already has more than 3,000 views, and it has inspired Comer to create more time-lapse videos of her chalkboard drawings at the cafe.  The video may take Comer one more place she didn’t expect: back to Tyler for more classes. 

“I may come to Tyler for a painting class or two,” says Comer.  “I’ve never worked with the medium before, but people approach me for paintings all the time.  I’d love to be able to do a mural on one of the buildings in Richmond.” 

Stay tuned to Comer’s YouTube channel for what’s next.

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