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Developmental Math

Developmental Math
Starting Fall 2014, all Developmental Math courses are offered as Math Essentials (MTE) – a course structure that allows you to test out of material you already know.  Course material is divided into nine separate units, referred to as Modules, and students can work in Math Labs on campus to complete their work. 

Math Lab Locations and Hours

You must arrive 90 minutes before closing to take a PreTest or PostTest, and you must bring a picture ID.

Effective January 12, 2015

Chester Campus
Bird Hall - B102

Monday:  10am - 8pm
Tuesday:  8am - 8pm
Wednesday:  10am - 8pm
Thursday:  8am - 8pm
Friday:  CLOSED
Saturday:  8:30am - 12pm
Sunday:  CLOSED


Midlothian Campus
Eliades Hall – E323

Monday:  9am - 5pm
Tuesday:  9am - 8pm
Wednesday:  9am - 5pm
Thursday:  9am - 8pm
Friday:  9am - 1pm
Saturday:  CLOSED
Sunday:  CLOSED


Open Testing Days ........... Thursday, May 14, 2015, and Thursday, May 21, 2015

There will be Open Testing Days for JTCC students who need to complete Developmental Math Modules as prerequisites for college-level math courses.  Open Testing Days give JTCC students the opportunity to take a mastery test on a specific Module without being enrolled in an MTE course.  Successful completion of a mastery test will award the student credit for that Module, thus reducing the number of required Developmental Math credits.  (Note:  Successful completion of a mastery test during Open Testing Days will have no effect on a student’s grade in a current or future MTE course.)

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