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What To Do If Your Financial Aid is Not Enough

A college education is getting increasingly expensive, which is why financial aid is so important to many students. Unfortunately, some students and their families find that their initial offers for financial aid aren't enough to cover their college costs. If you've opened your financial aid award letter and feel that it is still not enough to make tuition affordable, don't give up. Instead, try these tips for getting more financial aid.

Keep your information up-to-date
If your financial circumstances have changed and you feel you can no longer contribute as much as much to your education costs, it is essential that you let the financial aid office know as soon as possible. After all, your financial aid is based on your family's income and assets, so you might be able to get more assistance if anything changes. Be prepared to complete a Special Circumstances Form and provide the requested documentation.

Ask what you can do
Don't be afraid to ask for additional aid. Just keep several things in mind. First, your initial financial aid award may have already exhausted your options for grants and scholarships, which don't have to be repaid. So if you're asking for more aid, be prepared for additional loans or a work-study program.

Payment plan
John Tyler Community College is pleased to provide the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Payment Plan to help meet students’ educational expenses. The plan is administered by TMS, an outside company, and it allows students to pay tuition in monthly, interest-free payments for a small, non-refundable fee. There is no credit check or interest charged to participate in the payment plan. Payments are made automatically from the bank account (checking or savings) or credit card you specify. There is an additional fee assessed for using a credit card, and TMS only accepts American Express, Discover or MasterCard. Please note that down payments are immediate, and the agreement is binding. Once you have signed your TMS agreement, you must continue to make payments to TMS as outlined in your plan. Do not make payments directly to the College.

Students who register for John Tyler Community College classes may apply for the TMS Payment Plan through myTyler during the general registration period only. If the payment plan is your desired method of payment of tuition and fees, you must enroll in the TMS program by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline listed at If you add classes to your schedule after this time, they will not be included in the payment plan, and you may be dropped from the courses for non-payment.

Don't despair
Research other sources for scholarships. It might not be too late to apply. The John Tyler Community College Foundation has more than 100 scholarships just for JTCC students. Or, see if there is a national association affiliated with your major that might offer a scholarship. Review your college catalog, contact the head of the department of your major, talk to your guidance counselor, or take another look at the free college scholarship search services available online.

Financial aid appeals 
Decisions about financial aid eligibility are made based on the consistent application of federal, state and institutional regulations and policies. However, there are instances when you can request an appeal for a decision about your financial aid.

Your family can document unusual circumstances including:

  • involuntary loss or reduction of employment earnings
  • disability or death of parent or spouse
  • involuntary loss or reduction of untaxed income
  • losses due to a natural disaster
  • unusually high medical expenses paid out-of-pocket during the prior tax year

If you feel that you are eligible for an appeal, contact the Financial Aid Office. They can advise you about the procedures to follow in order to file an appeal. When you are ready to file your appeal, you will need to complete a Special Circumstances Form or a Dependency Override Form, both of which can be found on the Financial Aid Forms page.


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