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Student Organizations

Educational and Departmental Organizations Promote development in a particular academic area

Club Club Sponsor Contact information
Art Club Colin Ferguson and
Paula Winn
804-594-1456, cferguson@jtcc.edu
804-594-1457, pwinn@jtcc.edu
Chemistry Club Dr. Kristine Smetana 804-706-5143, ksmetana@jtcc.edu
Funeral Services Student Association Rhonda Pleasants 804-706-5118, rpleasants@jtcc.edu
History Club Alyce Miller 804-706-5254, amiller@jtcc.edu
Human Services Club Dr. Yvonne Barry and
Dr. Christine Diggs
804-594-1604, ybarry@jtcc.edu
804-706-5075, cdiggs@jtcc.edu
Theatre Club Kerrigan Sullivan 804-594-1498, ksullivan@jtcc.edu
Philosophy Club Samantha Emswiler 804-594-1600, semswiler@jtcc.edu
Film Club Chris Silvent 804-594-1461, csilvent@jtcc.edu
Environmental Science Club Joressia Beyer 804-594-1466, jbeyer@jtcc.edu
Sociology Club Michael Rutz 804-594-1467, mrutz@jtcc.edu
Latin American Culture Club Patricia Silva-Santsteban 804-706-5117, psilva@jtcc.edu

Honorary Organizations (Recognize high levels of academic achievement)

Phi Theta Kappa
Beta Omicron Omicron Chapter (Midlothian) Dr. Roy Kaplan
Ms. Molli Channell
804-594-1468, rkaplan@jtcc.edu
804-594-1520, mchannell@jtcc.edu
Tau Rho Chapter (Chester) Linda Luebke
Adrienne Wilkins
804-706-5202, lluebke@jtcc.edu
804-706-5098, awilkins@jtcc.edu

Professional Organizations (Provide students with a preview of their anticipated professional careers)

Future Teachers Club Ken Williams,
Penny Speidel,  
Dr. John Kirn and
Victoria Brame 
804-594-1484, kwilliams@jtcc.edu
804-706-5135, pspeidel@jtcc.edu
804-594-1495, jkirn@jtcc.edu
804-706-5152, vbrame@jtcc.edu
Student Virginia Education Mattie Coll 804-594-1499, mcoll@jtcc.edu
Student Nurses’ Association Micaela Ross
Brooke Russo
804-622-8701, mross@jtcc.edu
804-622-8723, brusso@jtcc.edu

Religious Organizations (Serve as support for students of a particular religious persuasion or denomination)

Disciples of Christ Club Dr. Tiffany Randall
Elizabeth McKey (Co-Sponsor)
804-706-5247, trandall@jtcc.edu
804-594-1564, emckey@jtcc.edu

Special Interest Organizations (Focus on a specific issue or topic)

Student Veteran’s Organization Michael Murphy
James Evins
804-706-5031, mmurphy@jtcc.edu
804-706-5231, jevins@jtcc.edu
Bookends Ha Hoang 804-706-5198, hhoang@jtcc.edu
Origami Club Brenda Miller 804-594-1487, bmiller@jtcc.edu
Creative Writing Club Jeff Landon 804-594-1473, jlandon@jtcc.edu
Rotaract Club Sean Castleberry 804-768-6616, scastleberry@jtcc.edu
Single Parent Resource Club LaWanda Woods
Amanda Yanovitch
804-768-6612, lwoods@jtcc.edu
804-594-1609, ayanovitch@jtcc.edu
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Kerrigan Sullivan 804-594-1498, ksullivan@jtcc.edu
Freeways (Acapella Group) Kerrigan Sullivan 804-594-1498, ksullivan@jtcc.edu

Recreational Organizations (Promote recreational activities and/or sports-oriented programs)

JTCC Running Club Jeff Greene (Coach) 804-594-1423, jgreene@jtcc.edu
Intramural Basketball Wanda Johnson 804-706-5188, wjohnson@jtcc.edu
JTCC Ultimate Frisbee Club Matt Harpold 804-706-4151, mharpold@jtcc.edu
JTCC Golf Club Susan Grinnan
Rick Wagenaar
804-706-5035, sgrinnan@jtcc.edu

Student Government

JTCC Student Council Amanda K. Carpenter-Horning 804-706-5188, acarpenter@jtcc.edu

Not seeing what you were looking for? Check out our frequently asked questions and forms pages for more information on how to start your own organization.

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