Trailblazer Society ($10,000+)

Anonymous (2)
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Capital One
Chesterfield County
CJW Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Eliades
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Hungerford III
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lewis
Memorial Foundation for Children
Metropolitan Health Foundation
Moses D. Nunnally, Jr. Charitable Trust
Shelton Hardaway Short, Jr. Trust
Mr. William H. Talley III
The Cameron Foundation
The Gene Haas Foundation
The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
Vanguard Treasury Money Market Fund
Virginia Foundation for Community College Education
Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
W. P. Carey Foundation
Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Tyler Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

Amsted Rail Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Commander
Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mrs. Pamela M. Comstock
Mr. Bryce D. Jewett, Jr.
Mrs. Susan L. Karch-McBride and Mr. David McBride
National Student Clearinghouse
Petersburg Methodist Home For Girls Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo D. Torres
Joan F. & William L. Van Arnam Fund of Community Foundation for a greater Richmond

President’s Society ($1,000 - $4,999)

American Society of Highway Engineers - Old Dominion Section
Amsted Industries, Inc.
Ms. Diane L. Ayres
Mrs. Rachel Biundo
Brandermill Rotary Club
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colatruglio
Mrs. Jo Anne C. Cole
Ms. Elizabeth Creamer
Mr. Carl W. Duffey
Dr. William C. Fiege
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Foca
Follett Higher Education Group
Mrs. Sue Fulghum
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Glowatsky
Mr. John L. Grohusky
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Cynthia C. Hodges
InSource Software Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Kirn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Ledbetter
Mr. Kenneth W. Mesick
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Preston Moore
Mr. James Myers
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Sara O'Connor
Patient First
Mr. Robert E. and Mrs. Jane S. Preston
Mrs. Sheila B. Smith
Southeastern Institute of Research Inc.
Dr. John W. Summerville and Mrs. Danna E. Johnson
The Midlothian Ruritan Foundation Inc.
The Rotary Club of James River (Richmond), VA
Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. VanCleave
Mr. Edwin K. and Mrs. Sandra D. Via
Virginia Asset Management
Mr. Kenneth E. Williams

Burgundy & Gold Society ($500 - $999)

Atlantic Constructors, Inc.
Ms. Suzanne Bertsch
Dr. Mikell W. Brown
Mr. James L. Cosby, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah S. Cosby
Davenport & Company, LLC
Eliades & Eliades, P. C.
Mr. Elliot T. and Mrs. Susan B. Eliades
Ms. Susan F. Grinnan
Heritage Insurance Consulting
Mrs. Tracey R. Howell
John Randolph Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones
Mr. Vandy V. and Mrs. Maxine Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Jordan, Sr.
Mr. Thomas Paul Kvasnicka
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Maddox
Ms. Jill Yarbrough Mathieu
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller
Mr. Michael J. Murphy
Dr. Julie J. Ranson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. White
Mr. Fred W. Yarbrough

Founder’s Society ($250 - $499)

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Susan P. Birdsong
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Braziel
Dr. Gena C. Britt
Mr. Hugh A. and Mrs. Deborah Cline
Mrs. Joyce W. Crum
Mrs. Linda P. Fears
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hagenmueller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hope
Ms. Linda E. Hyslop
Mr. Paul Karch
Mr. Arthur L. and Mrs. Norea Lowery
Ms. Rena M. Mallory
Ms. Suzan A. Marshall
Ms. Traci L. Morris
Mr. G. R. Moyar
Ms. Janet Nicholson
Ms. Angela M. Orrell
Ms. Karen A. Overmeyer
Ms. Margaret W. Parrish
Dr. Elizabeth T. Pe
Ms. Roberta T. Rock
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. F. Nicholas Sollog III
Mrs. Barbara L. Sunday
Mr. William F. Taylor
Dr. Phuc G. Tran
Mrs. Holly W. Walker
Ms. Jennifer Wayne, Ph.D.
Dr. Johanna Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Will

1967 Society (up to $249)

Mr. Emad M. Abu-Saleh
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Allanson
Ms. Carmen K. Allen
Ms. Elsie P. Almand
Ms. Jacqueline K. Anderson
Ms. Latoya M. Anderson
Mrs. Cathee P. Andrews
Anonymous (4)
Ms. Kathy F. Arterburn
Ms. Alice J. Atkins
Ms. Cynthia H. Atkinson
Ms. Rose H. Baldwin
Ms. Gloria D. Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barbour
Mr. Richard M. Barfield
Ms. Almarie R. Barge
Mr. Christopher A. Barter
Mr. Leigh B. Baxter
Ms. Kim Berry
Ms. Joressia A. Beyer
Ms. Sharon H. Bishop
Mr. Peter A. Blake and Mrs. Mary Blanchard
Mr. Welton Ervin Blount
Dr. Christopher C. Brady
Mr. Daniel T. Brandel
Ms. Evelyn Brown
Mr. Xavier Bryant
Mr. Gregory M. Bucknam
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bundrick
Mrs. Heather M. Busch
Dr. Steven J. Carlisle
Ms. Carol E. Carr
Ms. Donna N. Charles-Koski, M.Ed.
Ms. Dorothy F. Clinkscales
Dr. Susan O. Coffey
Ms. Tammie Collins
Ms. Melissa Conner
Ms. Claudia H. Cosby
Ms. Michele Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Dail
Dr. Ellen R. and Mr. Jack W. Davenport
Mr. Alan W. Davis
Mr. Derek Deniston
Ms. Beverley M. Dew
Mr. William P. dinkinson, Jr.
Mr. John G. dinks
Mr. Thomas H. Eden
Mr. Terrence L. Elrod
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Patricia S. Faris
Ms. Bonnie Finck
Dr. Emma K. Flaherty
Ms. Emmalyn T. Fry
Ms. Kathryn H. Geranios
Mr. James Goodwin
Mr. Lawrence C. Griffin
Mr. Gregory J. Hansard
Ms. Aretha R. Harris
Dr. William K. Herold
Ms. Nikki Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hilliar
Mr. Linwood S. and Mrs. Deborah P. Hines
Ms. Audrey D. Holmes
Ms. Alanna M. Horton
Mr. Darryl House
Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt
Ms. Cynthia B. Jackson
Mr. Adam D. Jarrell
Ms. Ontaya Jenkins
Mrs. Lindsey N. Johnson
Mr. Avery M. Jordan
Ms. Patricia D. Kamermayer
Dr. Roy I. and Mrs. Mary M. Kaplan
Mrs. Lisa Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kirkland
Dr. John C. and Mrs. Susan Koch
Dr. Christopher Lee
Ms. Betty T. Lipford
Ms. Shannon A. Maitland
Ms. Sandra Marr
Ms. Kim Maskell
Ms. Lynn M. McGhan
Mr. Wayne L. Moody
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Anne C. Moore
Ms. Lynn L. Moore
Mr. Robert L. J. Moore
Ms. Virginia Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Morris
National Financial Services
Ms. Kathryn Nesbit
Ms. Susan Nesbit
Ms. Barbretta Olanrewaju
Mrs. Mildred Ann W. Oliver
Mr. John Orrock, Jr.
Ms. April C. Painter
Ms. Rebeca M. Parrott
Mr. Tom C. Parrott and Mrs. Neva W. Parrott
Ms. Lisa Payne
Ms. Christina L. Pettis
Dr. Charles V. Pfautz
Ms. Ashley Pinney
Ms. Mari R. Powers
Mr. Kenneth L. Pritchett
Ms. Denise K. Remington-Hereford
Dr. Pascal D. Renault
Mr. Samuel R. Rhue
Mrs. Catherine S. Rolfe
Ms. Dionne R. Rollins
Dr. Joyce M. and Mr. Colon Rowe
Dr. Carole D. Royall
Dr. George E. and Mrs. Rachel Sanborn
Ms. Daveta J. Saunders
Ms. Meredyth Sauter
Mr. Edwin C. Savedge, Jr.
SSC Albert J. Seamster
Ms. Jun Jun Shi
Mr. Adam Smith III
Dr. Yvonne D. Smith-Jones
Dr. Ann and Mr. Michael B. Sorensen
Mr. James Sparks, Jr.
Mrs. Penny L. Speidel
Mr. Larry J. Sprague
Ms. Katie Stanhagen
Mr. Richard A. Stewart
Mr. Marvin E. Stuck
Mrs. Kerrigan Sullivan
Mr. Connie Swiner III
The Sollog Group, LLC
Mrs. Michelle D. Tindall
U.S. Bank c/o Frontstream
Ms. Dorothy Wallace
Ms. Victoria Washington
Ms. Cherie M. Watts
Ms. Carolyn Wells
Ms. Ann Y. Williams
Mr. Jimmie Williams
Ms. Wilnet H. Willis
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Willson
Ms. Christine Wilson
Mr. Evan Wilson
Mr. Thomas W. Winfree
Mrs. Jill A. Woith
Mr. Robert L. Wynne
Mrs. Susan G. Zachensky-Walthall

Legacy League

Membership in the Legacy League honors the friends who provided for Tyler in their estate plans. Tyler extends a special thank you to the following members:

Ms. Nova N. Brady
Mr.* and Mrs. Homer C. Eliades
Ms. Sylvia V. Jones
Mr. Kenneth W. Mesick
Dr. Carole D. Royall
Mr. Edwin K. and Mrs. Sandra D. Via
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. White


Gifts in Kind

Adavico, Inc.
CJW Medical Center
Mr. Luis Colón
Ms. Anne Haring
Virginia Community College System

John Tyler Community College has taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. For inquiries, corrections, and information on making a gift, please contact Jessica Will at 804-594-1475.