John Tyler Community College Foundation has received a $36,000 grant from Walmart to help fund the cost of certification exams for students in credit programs who have completed their studies and who are prepared to take a credentialing exam.

Walmart has targeted the high-demand fields of healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, logistics and transportation. Students in these program areas are eligible for up to $200 toward the cost of a credential certification test.

Awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Each student must submit completed application which will be reviewed by their Tyler program faculty or administrator. Approved applications will be forwarded to the John Tyler Community College Foundation for payment.

Students will be notified of the scholarship award. All payments will be made directly to the credentialing agency. It is each student’s responsibility to notify the accrediting body to expect payment from John Tyler Community College Foundation toward the cost of the exam.

Students are required to allow accrediting bodies to report results to Tyler. These results will be provided as part of a total to Walmart at the end of the grant period.

Student Application for Financial Assistance for Certification Exam Fees

Contact the Foundation with questions about this program.