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Video: What’s your QEP?

Posted on August 30, 2012

By Holly Walker

Have we got a QEP for you! You might ask – what’s a QEP, and why do I need one? Our response? Everyone needs a QEP in their life! That’s because QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan, and who wouldn’t want to come up with a plan that can improve the quality of your life?

Your next question probably is – how is John Tyler Community College going to do that? Well – we’re going to launch a big five-year plan that involves everyone – you, me, him, her, the folks in those classrooms over there, those people in those offices down the hall, faculty, staff, students – everyone at John Tyler!

It’s so big that we even named it (drumroll please) …. Tyler Connections: Making the First Year Count. That’s right – it’s all about making connections and making those connections count from the moment you start at Tyler.

Okay. You may now be wondering – what does that mean for me if I’m not new to Tyler? We’re glad you asked! While parts of the plan – like student orientations – will help those who are just starting at Tyler, other parts – like improved advising, active learning, and improved communications – will benefit all students. It’s a win-win!

As our good friend and QEP spokesperson Russ excitedly exclaimed “It’s going to be beautiful!” Check out his fun-filled QEP video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxKRsIXo_w4&feature=share&list=UURALffHBpyP2d7pJSHlzG4g.

And, keep an eye out for “What’s your QEP?” signs, buttons (you got to have one right?), Facebook posts (http://www.facebook.com/johntylercc), web stories, videos and more. You never know when you might be asked “What’s your QEP?”

The QEP – Tyler Connections: Making the First Year Count – is an important reaccreditation project at John Tyler that will involve JTCC faculty, students and staff. Learn more at http://www.jtcc.edu/qep.

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