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Video: Workers Needed to STEM the Tide of Unfilled Positions

Posted on October 12, 2012

By Holly Walker

Looking for a job? If you are, then you probably keep an eye out for those “help wanted” signs and ads, update your resume, and practice your interview skills. You may even be taking classes or thinking about taking classes to support your search.

Finding a job is not always easy, especially now. But, did you know that there are well-paying jobs that are going unfilled because there is a shortage of qualified applicants? Many of these jobs are in the fields of science, technology, engineer, math and health care, also known as STEM-H. These are careers in which people build, innovate, explore and discover, and they are vitally important to America’s economy and to our everyday lives.

The products produced from STEM-H careers can be found everywhere – from the computers and smartphones we rely on, the videogames we play, and the cars we drive to the GPS devices that give us direction, the medicine we use to treat illnesses, and the buildings that surround us. These are just a few examples of how STEM-H is intertwined in all of our lives.

Because of that, John Tyler Community College is working side-by-side with industry and government in the effort to educate the workforce of today and tomorrow. Watch this video to learn more about STEM-H and what it can mean to your future.

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