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If a fire alarm sounds or you are ordered to evacuate by security, leave the building by the nearest marked exit (noted on the evacuation maps posted in each room). Do not use elevators. Unless otherwise instructed, you should proceed to the following locations:

Chester Campus
Bird Hall – Parking Lot F
Facilities – Parking Lot H
Godwin Hall – Parking Lot C
Goyne Hall – Parking Lot A
Moyar Hall – Parking Lot F
Nicholas Student Center – Parking Lot A
Trailers near Bird – Parking Lot F
Trailers near Nicholas – Parking Lot A

Midlothian Campus
Administration Building – Parking Lot C
Eliades Hall – Parking Lot A
Facilities – Parking lot next to Facilities building
Hamel Hall – Parking Lot D
T-Building – Parking Lot C

JTCC Nursing Education Center
Front parking lot, assembling as close as possible to Johnston-Willis Drive


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