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Guidelines for the Approval of Exceptions to the Prohibitions of Weapons

Pursuant to 8 Va. Admin. Code  95-10-30, the chief of the college police department or head of security department, or his designee, may authorize in writing a person to possess, store, or use a weapon: (i) when used for educational or artistic instruction, display, parade, or ceremony sponsored or approved by the college (unloaded or disabled only and with other specified safeguards, if appropriate); or (ii) for any college-approved training, course, or class.

Authorization for the above purposes shall be given in accordance with the following guidelines:

1.  Authorization shall not be unreasonably withheld.  In other words, there must be a specific and concrete reason(s) for denial.  The reason(s) for denial must be based on a concern for the safety of the college community.

2.  Colleges may require a prior written request for authorization, but such prior written request must not be unreasonably long or unduly burdensome.  The advance prior written request must be necessary to promote public safety and the safe operation of the campus. 

3.  Reasons for denial shall be limited to:  (1) a lack of sufficient safeguards for weapon(s); (2) insufficient information from the requester in order to determine whether the event, activity, or course, etc., will be carried out safely; (3) the request for the time, day, place, etc. is likely to cause unsafe or disruptive conditions (in this case, the college should allow alternative dates and times when available); (4) the program, event, or activity has not been approved by the college; and, (5) any other reason of like kind.

4. In addition to the logistical information for the event (date, time, place, etc.), colleges shall require the written request to contain the following information: (1) the written authorization from the college president or designee approving the course or event; (2) name and affiliation with college; (3) number and type(s) of weapon(s); and, (4) purpose of the event, activity, course, etc.


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