The Tyler Gallery is located on the first floor of Eliades Hall on our Midlothian campus and hosts exhibitions from local artists, as well as showcasing Tyler student work. 

The Gallery is currently undergoing renovations. New exhibitions will be announced once the renovations are completed this fall.

Past Exhibitions


Artwork by Anne Savedge

January 24-February 28, 2020
Opening Reception: January 24

For a number of years, Savedge has been photographing people involved in dance and other movement through space. Her fascination with capturing movement began with belly dancers and now includes ethnic dancers, modern dancers, ballroom dancers, acrobats, and twirling monks. Savedge uses in-camera techniques and digital processing to capture the energy and excitement of a performance in images. 

Then and Now

Artwork by Diana Detamore and Laurie Carnohan

October 25-December 13, 2019
Opening Reception: October 25

Diana Detamore has taught in the Visual Arts program at JTCC for nearly twenty years; during this time Laurie Carnohan was one of her students. After Laurie graduated, they maintained their friendship, encouraging and inspiring one another’s creative pursuits. Both artists use mixed media to create richly layered images, which move between abstraction and representation. Their work shares several common themes and sources of inspiration: the mysteries of nature, the transcendence of time, and the inherent beauty discovered in obscure and fleeting moments.

Tyler Gallery

Midlothian Campus

Midlothian Campus

Eliades Hall, First Floor