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Placement Test Schedule on June 22 - Due to scheduled maintenance on the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), Tyler’s Testing Center is altering its VPT testing hours on Saturday, June 22. On that day, the last time a student will be allowed to start the VPT is 11:59 a.m. This is to ensure students taking the placement test have sufficient time to complete it before the system shuts down for maintenance. Read more about this announcement.


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Developmental Courses

Tyler evaluates your readiness for college coursework by asking you to take English and Math placement tests when you apply to the College.  If the placement tests indicate that you will benefit from developmental coursework, you’ll want to enroll in those courses as soon as possible. 

English Fundamentals (ENF)

Developmental English classes (known as English Fundamentals, or ENF) help students master academic reading, writing, and analytical skills that they will use to advance to upper level classes and beyond.

Math Essentials (MTE)

In developmental math classes (known as Math Essentials or MTE), students use a structured set of modules to strengthen the skills they need to succeed in credit-level classes.

The attention and guidance you’ll receive in developmental classes is designed to give you confidence as a student and to build your skills as you work toward your degree or certificate.

If you have questions about which developmental courses you need to take, see your advisor.


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