Dropping a Class

Students may drop classes and receive a full tuition refund through the first 15 percent of the class session. If you would like to drop a class and receive a full tuition refund, it is your responsibility to look at the academic calendar and determine the deadline for dropping your class and receiving a refund. Unless you are auditing the course, you can drop your class using myTyler. If you are auditing a course and want to drop with a refund, contact the Admissions and Records Office

No refunds will be granted after the first 15 percent of the class session.

Withdrawing from a Class (no refund)

Students cannot withdraw from classes online in myTyler.

Students may withdraw from classes without academic penalty through the first 60 percent of the class session. Once again, it is your responsibility to use the academic calendar to determine this date and meet the necessary deadline. 

If you wish to withdraw from a class, you should complete a Registration/Schedule Change FormAfter all information on the form is complete, submit the form in person or by email to the Admissions and Records Office by the deadline. When sending an email, provide your name, student ID# and class information, including course number and section. 

Request Repeat (third repeat)

VCCS Policy 5.7.4 limits a student to two enrollments in the same course. No student may enroll in a course for the third time without the authorization of the Vice President of Learning and Student Success or their designee. If permission is granted, the Vice President or their designee will notify Admissions and Records that the student is permitted to repeat the requested course. 

Students may request permission to repeat a course beyond two attempts by completing the online Request to Repeat form. If you have any questions regarding the form or your request, please contact academics@jtcc.edu.