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Dual Enrollment Information for Students

Dual credit/dual enrollment (DE) students are considered John Tyler Community College students

  • Students are eligible for a Tyler student ID card.
  • Students may use and borrow materials from the Tyler libraries.
  • Students may attend activities, events, and participate in student clubs and organizations at Tyler.
  • Students may use the campus fitness centers and recreational facilities at no charge.
  • Students may use the Academic Resource Center.
  • Students are eligible for discounts throughout the community with their student ID card.

Becoming a DE Student

  • Talk to your parent or guardian as well as a school counselor to see if Dual Enrollment is right for you.
  • Complete a Tyler application online (secure instructions from your school counselor)
  • Take the VPT tests (if required)
  • Complete and submit the required Parental Permission Form and return to your school counselor.

Now that you are a DE student

  • You are required to physically attend class. Faculty will identify specific class attendance policies and other requirements in their class syllabus.
  • Dual enrollment students must be mature, highly motivated and prepared to meet college-level expectations which include:
  • Taking notes during class lectures and devoting ample time for homework and study
  • Submitting all assignments and completing projects on time 
  • Being present during class sessions and adhering to College honor and disciplinary codes to avoid withdrawal
  • Striving to achieve no lower than a final grade of ‘C’ to maintain satisfactory academic performance
  • Academic Dishonesty

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in an honorable manner in all of their academic work. All forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited at John Tyler Community College. Cheating on quizzes, tests, and examinations, unauthorized cooperation between students, unauthorized help from others, plagiarism, and the unauthorized use of software, databases, or expert advice that is contrary to the instructions of the professor are acts of academic dishonesty. 

  • DE Student Accommodations and Support Services

    Dual enrollment students are required to initiate contact with one of our professional counselors in the Disability Support Services office if they wish to utilize accommodations and support services for DE courses. Approval of services must be pursued prior to the start of the school year. A Disabilities Support Services (DSS) Intake Form is available on the Tyler website and it should be submitted with supporting documentation.

Graduating as a DE student

  • Save the syllabi!  Keep a copy of your course syllabus.
  • Order transcripts. If you are going to a school other than Tyler you must have your Tyler official transcripts sent to the college that you are attending.  Tyler transcripts will not automatically be sent to other colleges, you must request them to be sent.  Online requests for official transcripts are made through our partnership with Parchment.
  • Check out the SCHEV transfer tool and Tyler Guaranteed Admissions Agreements.

Enrolling at Tyler after graduation

When you graduate from high school, you will be able to enroll at Tyler and complete any of Tyler’s degrees and certificates.  You will not need to apply again since you are already a Tyler student. When you are ready to start classes, you will need to meet with an advisor at one of our campuses.


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