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Tyler Early College Academy

The Tyler Early College Academy is a rigorous four-year academic program that allows students to pursue college coursework leading to an associate’s degree, certificate or workforce credential at the same time as completing high school graduation requirements. Students can earn up to 62 college credits at free or reduced tuition costs.

According to Jobs for the Future, early college students are outperforming their peers nationwide:

  • 90% of early college students graduate high school vs. 78% of students nationally
  • 94% earn free college credit while in high school
  • 30% earn an associate’s degree or other post-secondary credential while in high school

The Tyler Early College Academy is currently being offered in Hopewell and Petersburg.

How Does it Work?

Dual enrollment courses are offered at the high school during grades 9 and 10 and at the JTCC Chester campus during grades 11 and 12. Students are required to take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) at several points throughout the program, and juniors and seniors who are determined to be college-ready will be provided with transportation to/from John Tyler during their regular school day to attend classes. Some courses are also offered during the summer.

Students select a program of study that aligns with their intended career pathway. On-campus courses will be offered as a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday option. On Fridays, participants will be required to check in with their career coach, complete career readiness assessments, work on digital portfolios, attend workshops, and participate in other special events.

College Readiness

Throughout the program, students must demonstrate that they are academically prepared for the work ahead. All interested students are required to complete the Virginia Placement Test during the 8th grade to obtain a baseline for college readiness. Students must pass a minimum of 1 module in math and score at the ENF 1 or above level in English in order to begin the program.

By the end of the 10th grade, students must pass a minimum of modules 1-5 in math and score at the English 111 level on the VPT. Rising juniors who are college ready in both English and math will be eligible to continue in the program.

How Do I Apply?

The first step is to attend an orientation session with a parent/guardian and discuss your interest with your school counselor during 8th grade. Orientation sessions will be held during the spring semester at your school. Students will be required to:

  1. Complete the online college application.
  2. Take the VPT test on two separate days (English/math).
  3. Complete all Tyler Early College Academy application materials.
  4. Return completed application materials to your school representative by stated deadlines.

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