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Z-Degree FAQs

How much money will I save?

Students enrolled in the Z-Degree will save as much as $2,000 over the course of four semesters.

Besides cost, what are some other benefits of the Z-Degree?

The benefits of the Z-Degree go beyond cost. First, you will be guaranteed enrollment in a morning block schedule for four semesters. Second, your schedule will include the most popular courses. Third, studies show that students who have their textbooks on the first day of classes are more likely to complete the course and get better grades. Finally, you will be in classes with the same group of students, collectively called a cohort, which will enable you to get to know your fellow classmates. Studies show that studying with a cohort increases retention and graduation rates.

What is a block schedule?

Z-Degree classes will be scheduled during the same block of time – in this case, mornings between about 8:00 AM and 12:15 PM Monday through Thursday. In order to limit classroom time, one course per semester may be offered online.

What courses will I be taking?

The Z-Degree is designed around courses most sought after by General Studies students. Some of the courses offered are General Environmental Science I (ENV 121), Foundations of Contemporary Math (MTH 170), US History I and II (HIS 121, 122), Principles of Sociology (SOC 200), College Composition I and II (ENG 111, 112), Survey of American Literature I (ENG 241), Survey of World Literature I (ENG 251), Introduction to Philosophy (PHI 101), Principles of Public Speaking (CST 100), Introduction to Theatre (CST 130), Survey of English Literature (ENG 243), Mythology (ENG 257), and Western Civilization I (HIS 101).

The tentative first-semester schedule includes ENG 111, MTH 170, ENV 121, ITE 115, and SDV 100.

Should I pursue the Z-Degree if I am interested in transferring to a science, technology, engineering, or math-related (STEM) program?

The Z-Degree is not recommended for STEM students.

Does the 'zero' mean I won’t have any reading assignments?

No. The zero means there are no textbook costs. Instructors can use either a no-cost textbook or can assign a variety of electronic resources in place of a traditional textbook.

Are OER materials inferior to traditional textbooks?

No. Instructors for OER courses choose materials that are equal or superior to traditional textbooks.

What if I can’t be a part of the pilot program?

The pilot program is limited to 25 participants. But, there are many courses, including MTH 170, HIS 121, HIS 122, and CST 100, in which all sections use OER (no-cost) materials. For many other courses, certain sections have zero-cost or low-cost options.

If you would like to receive information about future Z degree offerings, please e-mail your name and interest to mvredenburg@jtcc.edu. We will contact you about future offerings.  

What if I need developmental English (ENF) or Math (MTE)?

Because the pilot program requires ENG 111 and MTH 170 during the first semester, only students who place into these two courses will be accepted.

More questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact Dr. Mary Lou Vredenburg, Associate Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences at 804-706-5088 (Chester), 804-594-1458 (Midlothian) or mvredenburg@jtcc.edu.


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