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No matter your goal, Tyler is a smart choice. Earn a career-focused credential in two years or less.  Or, spend two years at Tyler and transfer. 

Here’s how to become a Tyler student:

1. Submit an application.

Apply Now »

2. Set up myTyler and Navigate Student.

With just one login, myTyler gives you access to your online coursework, student account and more.

Log in to myTyler.  If you need help, contact the myTyler Help Desk.

Once you are in myTyler, set up Navigate Student, a free online tool and mobile app that acts as your personal guide to Tyler. Use Navigate Student to connect to your faculty advisor, stay up to date on your next steps and visualize your academic progress.

After you activate your myTyler account, it can take up to 24 hours for Navigate Student to become available.

Learn more at

3. Sign up for new student orientation.

Orientation is a great way to get familiar with campus, learn about resources that can help you succeed, and meet future classmates. We offer two options to fulfill this important requirement:

  • Zoom orientation with faculty and staff at specific dates and times
  • An online orientation module that can be completed any time.

Learn more at

4. Pick the right major.

Did you know: not all majors transfer? And, different majors prepare you for different types of work, even if they are all in the same field? Find out more about the majors we offer.

Picking the right major is the key to your success. Career Coach Online can help. Answer simple questions about your interests and goals, and Career Coach will match you with the best major.

Want to discuss options to ensure your major transfers or is the best path? Contact our Advising Center staff.

Declare your major on your Tyler application, in the Advising Center, or by using our online form.

5. Determine your readiness for college-level math and English.

Tyler typically offers placement tests to help students determine which level of math or English they are ready to take. Due to COVID-19, placement tests will not be required for the spring 2021 semester. 

You should schedule an appointment with the Advising Center to determine your placement in math and English courses; there are many ways that your prior coursework and tests can help with your placement. If you have the following information, it may assist your advisor with placing you:

  • An unofficial transcript showing prior coursework in math and/or English 
  • PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores
  • Demonstration of completion of required high school coursework, along with your GPA, within the last 5 years

Transcript(s) or score(s) can also be emailed to Admissions and Records. Staff will review your materials and post any exemptions in SIS within 48 hours.


6. Plan your schedule and register.

Tyler offers several tools and services to help wtih planning your class schedule:

  • College Catalog outlines all the courses required in your major and includes a printable degree planner you can use to track your progress toward graduation. If you are using financial aid, this information is critical. Financial aid will only pay for courses that apply to your major.
  • Our searchable class schedule allows you to filter current class offerings based on class format, campus, meeting day and more.
  • For assistance with your first semester schedule, speak with Advising Center staff. In future semesters, the advisor assigned to you based on your major can help you plan your schedule and guide you through college and career decisions.

Once you are ready to register for classes, log in to myTyler and add classes through the Student Information System. 

Know which classes you want to take but need additional assistance with registration? Email

Non-degree seeking students who want to enroll in a class and transfer it back to their home university may need to provide a Transient Form before enrolling.

7. Plan for how to pay for Tyler.

A college education is an important investment in your future. Tyler offers several payment options:

If you are applying for financial aid and scholarships, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at using Tyler's FAFSA code: 004004. You can apply as early as October for the next academic year and applying early can help you qualify for the maximum amount of aid.

Keep in mind that your tuition must be paid by the listed deadlines or you will be dropped from your classes.

Learn more about payment options.

8. Buy or rent textbooks.

Students who have their textbooks on the first day of class are more likely to get better grades and complete their courses. So be prepared! Take a copy of your class schedule to the Bookstore, or order online at

Using financial aid? You’ll need a photo ID and student ID number for your financial aid purchase. See when you can charge books and supplies to financial aid.

Concerned about costs? Options like used books, rented books, digital textbooks and open educational resources (OER) courses, if available, can save you money.

9. Get connected.

Stay informed.
Check your e-mail regularly, and keep your mobile number up to date in the Student Information Center in myTyler. We’ll share important information and resources through texts and e-mails.

Get involved on campus.
Connect with other students through the Student Activities Office. Student Activities supports 30+ student clubs and organizations, campus events, intramural sports and more. Stay engaged by connecting to other Tyler students through social media platforms.

Join our Student Activities Facebook Group
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Find the Right Path for You. 

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