St. Patrick’s Day Origin Story…or Not

As we swing further into the spring semester, and further into March, it can be tempting to shun learning that doesn’t directly relate to classes. I promise there won’t be a test on this. Picture of cookies that have less to do with St. Patrick’s Day and more to do with consumerism. Like most holidays, St. Patrick’s Day barely resembles the original inspiration for it. The man himself was an enslaved European of unknown descent who rid the Irish of certain religious peoples. Not snakes, although that is a theory as to why…continue reading →

Who’s Inspired You?

March is Women's History Month. The Library is drawing attention to overlooked figures of history by asking library staff about historical women who've inspired them. Sophie Scholl: "She chose to live according to her faith and conscience instead of according to her culture. She thought deeply and was unafraid to challenge others on their convictions." - Rebeca Parrott The White Rose by Inge Scholl - Available Online     Anne Carson: "She introduced me to the beauty of the lyric essay and the use of white space. She is also a classicist, a…continue reading →

Paranormal Presidential Investigation

Paranormal Presidential Investigation at   Local Community College* Those who frequent the group outings to Hollywood Cemetery in search of specters will all say one thing: the grave of John Tyler is about as mundane as they come. “You would think that, for someone who died on the precipice of the war, he’d be a bit unsettled,” muses Helen, a guide with Haunts of Richmond. “But the gravesite is quiet. We’ve never gotten any readings there.” Other ghost hunters have sought out John Tyler at his Sherwood Forest plantation, conducting overnight investigations as…continue reading →

Meet a Librarian: Molli Gonzalez

Molli Gonzalez is our Emerging Technologies and Reference Library here at John Tyler. Not only does she handle all online aspects of the library, she also specializes in information literacy and bibliographic instruction. She has been the perfect combination of teaching and technology at John Tyler for over eight years. Molli earned her Masters of Library Science from University of North Texas. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from VCU.   Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? I’m a native of the tri-cities, but I’m originally from…continue reading →

Books We Love!

Ah, Valentine's Day. You're back again. Some people greet this holiday with gushing warmth and enthusiasm. Others prefer to ignore it. Meanwhile on Valentine's Day, like on every other day of the year, librarians just want to read something good. Here's our pick of books we love. Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater Available at Chester *Recommended by Lauren "It is freezing in the churchyard, even before the dead arrive. Every year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. Blue herself never sees them—not until this year,…continue reading →