Summer Hours 2019

Hello fellow humans.  As the semester winds down – more quickly than we’d imagined – there are some things that you all would probably like to know more about, regarding what happens after exams.  You can breathe again.  The pollen hopefully subsides a bit. Our hours change.  We will be open regular hours during the week of April 28 – May 4.   DAY(S) OF WEEK  DATE(S)  HOURS  Monday  May 6  7:30am – 9:00pm (Exams End)  Tuesday – Friday  May 7 – 10  7:30am – 5:00pm  Saturday – Sunday  May 11 – 12  closed …continue reading →
Graduation Cap Decorating at the Maker Spaces

Graduation Cap Decorating at the Maker Spaces

Calling all spring 2019 grads!  You've worked hard to make it to graduation day, so why stick to the plain black (and a bit drab) graduation regalia?  Let your personality, studies, and goals shine by creating a personalized graduation cap! Visit the Libraries' Maker Spaces to decorate your graduation caps May 1 -  6, 2019.   Decorating materials have been supplied by the John Tyler Community College Foundation.  After your finished, please be sure to snap a selfie and tag #TylerCommunityCollege and #TylerLibraries. Congratulations to all of our spring 2019 graduates! Need some inspiration? …continue reading →

Study Wars (better known as Exams Are Coming)

In a study room, not far away... It is a time of intense focus and strife. Blue and yellow highlighters litter the floor while mind maps, index cards, and extensive outlines are spread out before the alliance of committed students. Their long-sought objective remains paramount. Survive. After all, exams are coming. Okay, so maybe exams aren't quite as dramatic as taking out the Death-Star. But they can cause a lot of pressure to already-stressed out students. How to overcome the stress and pressure, you say? I'm so glad you asked. The library can't…continue reading →

Haiku – Masquerade

A haiku is a very popular poetic form from Japan. Originally, the haiku focused on subjects in nature and promoted tranquility and wisdom. It is only 3 lines long--the first and last line each have five syllables while the second line contains 7 syllables. Here is an original haiku by staff member Rebeca Parrott.   Masquerade Origami swans float across the sea disguised as paper dragons.continue reading →

National Poetry Month – Poetry Gets Personal Pt. 2

Some years ago, amidst my own college education, I first ran into the legacy of Sylvia Plath. It was complicated. Myself a fledgling writer, I was humbled when a friend of mine compared me to the late poet. We share a birthday, and that was where I thought the similarities ended. It was not until I did further research (...late-night Wikipedia) that I discovered her tale was as touching as it was troubling. For this month, we choose to delve deeper into the woman who was.  Her life is more explored and noted…continue reading →