October Madness- Candy Edition

October Madness- Candy Edition

Do you like candy? Who are we kidding – of course you do! The question is WHAT KIND of candy you like. So, we created a bracket about candy. Welcome to October madness! (It’s like March madness but with candy and no basketball.) These next two weeks (starting on Oct. 10th) we will have two choices available to vote between every few days. The bracket will update as votes come in! Vote for the candy you like the most, because on Halloween, the winning candy will be available for you to snack on…continue reading →

Tyler Tips: Requesting Books

Ever need a book for class only to come into the library and find it's already checked out? Learn how to request books using the online catalog. Knowing these simple steps can save you time and hassle later. You can access the library catalog by searching the white box on the Library Website. Click on the hyperlinked title of the copy you want.   In the center of the book record, there will be a yellow box that says "For more options Sign in." Click here. Enter your MyTyler username and password. Click…continue reading →

#WorthReading: Tough YA Books

If someone tried to tell me that being a teenager was easy, I’d be tempted to call them a liar. Teenagers these days face stresses and challenges that most generations before them didn’t have to face. They’re expected to do well in school, get into college on their first try, manage jobs and extra-curriculars, have a social life (that’s not too wild, but not too mild either), and nowadays, they’re frequently finding themselves on the frontline of social and political change. Putting it bluntly, being a teenager is hard. When I was that…continue reading →

Banned Books Week – Celebrate Intellectual Freedom September 22-28

Even though the ability to express our thoughts is a fiercely protected right in America, censorship still exists. Censorship is the attempt to remove certain content from public places because it is upsetting in some way. The top five ways that books were censored in 2018 included (in no order): Vandalizing pages Hiding resources Burning books Requiring parental permission to access content Removing materials While this may seem like a problem of the past, just last month (August 2019) there was another story about an attempt to censor materials. The oft-challenged “Harry Potter” series was once again removed from a…continue reading →

Tyler Tips: Printing!

The print system in the library got some upgrades over the summer. Here is a rundown of the new changes: Add funds with a debit or credit card! You asked and we (meaning our IT department) answered. Students can now add funds to their printing account online using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. Prefer cash? No problem. The cash method is still available. Log into the printer with your MyTyler information. Forget your student ID card in the car? Don't panic. Simply use the alternate method of signing into the printer.…continue reading →