Midlothian Bookworms Gingerboard House in Richmond Times Dispatch

Who says fun has to cost a lot? Children use their imagination to make their world come alive! The Midlothian Bookworms (the Midlothian library staff) built a fully furnished gingerboard dollhouse entirely from recycled materials for the upcoming Fool For Art festival. Beginning with a cardboard box, file folders and packing tape, a two-story townhouse was created for little people adventures. Everything in the fully furnished dollhouse is recycled, repurposed, or reused. Penny the doll sits on modular furniture created out of cosmetic boxes covered with fabric scraps. Her television is a Jell-O…continue reading →

Do your best: online study guides

Struggling with Pride and Prejudice? Have a class discussion on Hamlet and no idea what to say? Do a bit of extra reading and get the clues you need--free and online. A bit of reading and research can increase your understanding--and your grade! Check out the following websites for extra help: SparkNotes: No Fear Shakespeare! "Created by Harvard students for students everywhere" these free online guides can help you deepen your understanding of a text, decide what to write on a paper, help you speak intelligently in class, and impress your friends." Subjects:…continue reading →

Grab a book on your break

Spring Break is here - time to pick up some vacation reading! Here are two suggestions. Lethal Legacy Murder in the library? The New York Public Library? Not quite, but the NYPL is the setting for much of Linda Fairstein's 11th legal thriller starring sleuth Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cooper. Cooper thinks she is investigating an assault/ homicide on the Upper East Side but that quickly morphs into much more, involving rare book collectors and antique map collections. She ends up in pitch black darkness, far below the famous 5th Avenue Public Library,…continue reading →