Exam week and winter break

Monday begins exam week at John Tyler. Campus libraries will be open normal business hours; the same helpful staff will be on hand for academic emergencies. The Midlothian library has: 120 networked computers 24 comfy lounge chairs 7 study tables 4 private study rooms 4 laser printers 2 flatbed scanners 1 large book collection And a partridge in a pear tree (only joking on that one.) Monday, December 21, the library will switch to its reduced hours of 7:30 AM -5 PM. The library and the college will be closed starting December 24,…continue reading →

A Year of Cats and Dogs by Margaret Hawkins

So often magical realism sounds like a children's book, yet the books are so much more than the summary. Metamorphosis: Man wakes up one day as cockroach. Problems ensue. Time Traveler's Wife: Librarian time travels randomly. Romance is complicated. A Year of Cats and Dogs: Woman discovers she has animal telepathy. Life changes. At the beginning of A Year of Cats and Dogs, Maryanne's partner of ten years has left her for a job in another city. Philip takes what is important to him (his clothes), but leaves his furniture and their two…continue reading →