What’s for dinner?

Rethinking your plate? Eating local? Eating less—or cooking more? Food itself (organic, sustainable, local) is in the news. No longer are American fed by our own family’s farms; now our dinner is dished out by big agribusiness. Do factory farms make us sick? Does the American diet provide the nutrition we need? How do we fight the obesity epidemic for ourselves and our children? Small farmers and food reformers are working to change the grip of big business on our appetites. Read more about how and why with these books from the JTCC…continue reading →

Google docs: make, store and share online

Stuck without a flash drive? No access to a desktop computer? Create and load your documents into Google Documents. Google Docs comes automatically with John Tyler email. Have access to all of your docs anywhere with an internet connection or smart phone. No flash drive needed! With Google docs you can: Upload any file for simple access Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. No need to purchase Microsoft Office. Share your work in real time with the collaboration tool. Find the link to Google docs on your JTCC email page. Need more information? Check…continue reading →

Being with Animals by Barbara J. King

In Being with Animals, Barbara J. King explores why we are fascinated by the animals around us. King begins with the dawn of time in the Chaudet Cave, where prehistoric humans painted images of aurouchs, mammoth, and deer on the walls. Dogs likely walked over the Bering Strait with the first Americans; 10,000 year old canine and human bones in were discovered in Utah's Danger Cave. King discusses modern times with animals that populate our homes and our landscapes, from Mister Ed the Talking Horse to the bison of Yellowstone National Park. Included…continue reading →

Summer Break Library Hours: CORRECTION

Both campus libraries will have reduced hours during the college's mid-summer break (July 4-11). Monday, July 5. Closed. Tuesday, July 6  & Wednesday, July 7. Open 7:30 AM -5:00 PM Thursday, July 8.  Open 7:30 AM -7:00 PM (this is a change) Friday, July 9. Open 7:30 AM -5:00 PM Saturday, July 10. CLOSED Libraries will resume normal hours Monday, July 12.continue reading →