Oprah’s Book Club

Kate Picker in Time called the Oprah Effect “the greatest force in publishing today, with the power to raise authors from the dead” and banish them from the bestseller lists. Even though the daytime show has ended, the legacy remains:  Oprah’s Book Club had people reading again, and talking about what they read. Her influence drew new readers and brought attention to classics and undiscovered authors. Bring little-known books into the spotlight Revive interest in classic literature Made (and broke) some careers (into A Million Little Pieces!) Spark interest in books and reading…continue reading →

Not just for kids: comics @ the library

Comics, graphic novels, sequential art, manga...these are all words for narrative told through both pictures and words. Once considered a throwaway item for kids, graphic novels now win major literary awards. More attention from scholars means more attention from LIBRARIES. Comics @ VCU Library Check out Secret Powers in Style Magazine about the Comic Arts collection @VCU’s Cabell Library. Official repository for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Rare titles from Mad Magazine, Little Orphan Annie and X-Men MAUS (which we own) mandatory reading for incoming VCU freshmen in 2009 Digitized version of…continue reading →

Book Club: Room by Emma Donoghue

This June Book Club is reading Room by Emma Donoghue. From the publisher: Five-year-old Jack and his Ma live and eat and play and sleep in one room--an 11×11-foot space that is their prison--captives of the terrifying man Jack calls Old Nick. But as Jack grows older and more curious, it becomes clear that the room will not be able to hold him and Ma forever. Jack--who is five--narrates the story. Readers see what is REALLY going on...even though Jack the narrator cannot. Reviewers on Amazon have described the book as both gripping…continue reading →