Retirement Planning for Millennials (no kidding!)

The U.S. Census Bureau has released population predictions for 2050. If you are a Millennial, the generation defined by Pew Research as being born between 1981 and 2000, you can expect to retire about that same time. What changes can you expect? The world will definitely be more crowded, the population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2040. Due to lower fertility rates China will no longer be the most populous nation. It will be replaced by India by 2025. The U.S. will remain at number three and the only country in…continue reading →

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

Think history is boring?  Think again.  In Lies My Teacher Told Me, the author explores American history textbooks for the omissions, myths, and inaccuracies taught to school children every year...including YOU!  Columbus discovered the new world right?  Wrong!  Many expeditions had landed in the Americas before his 1492 “discovery.” Three times as many tons of explosives were dropped on Vietnam as dropped in all WWII theaters, including the two atomic bombs released over Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Loewen's research says probably not! Loewen’s book includes all the bits forgotten by textbook authors. Hailed for shedding…continue reading →

Fiction Fridays: Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok

“I was sixteen and I had the confidence then of a teenager who’d had to act like an adult for too long.” Girl In Translation (Jean Kwok, p. 290) In this debut novel, Kimberly Chang and her mother immigrate to New York City from Hong Kong knowing very little English but owing lots of money. To alleviate their horrible living and working conditions Kimberly realizes it is up to her to change her circumstances using her one talent:  “a knack for school.”  She becomes gifted scholar by day and sweatshop worker by evening and…continue reading →

Laptops for checkout @ Midlo Library

New for Fall 2011: Students may checkout laptops at the Midlothian Campus Library. Details: Current students (First come, first served!) Current library card (We can get you set up.) INSIDE Midlothian Library (No taking it home or to class.) 4 hour checkout (Type fast!) YOU are responsible for entire cost of laptop if stolen or damaged during your checkout period. This may be over $1000. (Treat it like it is YOURS.) Files saved will be erased when laptop is shut down. (Bring your flash drive or email it to yourself!) Need more details…continue reading →