Most of us have seen and even built acrostics during our life. Maybe you did that with refrigerator magnet letters. Whether with magnets, lead, or keystrokes, acrostics are built by taking a single word and then using each letter in the word to build a new poetic line about that word. Sound complicated? Actually it’s not! It’s a fun way to start writing poetry if you’ve never tried before. Here’s an original acrostic by library staff member Lauren Hall.


by LT Hall

And I’m telling you, this isn’t the first time the 

Llamas have tried to stage an uprising.  

Perhaps you don’t recall the villainous 

Anarchy that unfolded when they 

Chanced upon some forgotten nests of  

Aggravated hornet hybrids which had 

Languished in the heat of winter generators. 

You can’t imagine the chaos that the 

Plague of winged pain caused throughout this 

Sector. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed them 

Eyeing the fire ant mounds with an uncomfortable zeal. 

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