Can’t get to the library to study with the box of bones? Need a quick skull refresher before your final?

Try Google Body!

With Google Body you can:

  • View and move detailed model of the human body in 3D
  • See systems individually or together
  • Add or subtract labels
  • Search for organs, bones, muscles and more
  • Share the exact view with other students with the exact URL
Google Body only works with Google Chrome, Firefox 4 Beta, or other browsers that support WebGL. (Chrome and Firefox 4 are both free downloads.)
Study Anatomy in a whole new way with Google Body.

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  1. Droid Bionic

    I’m a Firefox enthusiast and I’ve been using the version 4 for a couple days now. Overall it has everything a browser should have although it crashes on my once in a while. It might have to do that I’m still using Vista or that it’s still on early stages and there will be bugs as with any other new released software. Anyhoo, I will also download the new Chrome when it becomes available since I like it too. I will just never go back to Explorer that’s for sure.

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