“April is the cruelest month” begins T. S. Eliot’s famous poem The Waste Land. But April is actually pretty kind, at least to poetry, because in 1996 the American Academy of Poets established April as National Poetry Month making it a great time to find great new poetry or remember your old favorites.

The library has anthologies of classic poetry and volumes of contemporary poetry. In fact, John Tyler Community College even has a published poet among our faculty. Angela Vogel, a lecturer in the English department has written Fort Gorgeous and Social Smile. Other recent publications are:

Or maybe you want to recollect the words to the nursery rhymes you loved as a kid. The ipl2 (Internet Public Library) has links to dozens of sites where you can brush up on your Mother Goose. The library also has nursery rhyme books—it’s a subject of serious study!—for you to check out and enjoy:


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