Looking for something to read by the pool or on the sand? The John Tyler libraries have got you covered. Kick back with these recent releases:

11th Hour: The Women’s Murder club back for the –you guessed it – 11th installment.

Art of Fielding: Not just a baseball novel but also a coming-of-age story about friendship and family—perfect for reading before or after your visits to the ballpark.

Dead Locked: Book 12 in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, Sookie and Bill investigate yet another murder.

Family Fang: When your parents involve you in their performance art can you possibly grow up normal? And is their mysterious disappearance due to a crime or the perfect grand finale?

Game of ThronesGo where it threatens to be an endless winter and revel in political machinations, double-cross dealings and unbridled ambitions of the  characters in the Seven Kingdoms.

Grave Mercy: Take one young girl trained as an assassin, add lots of intrigue, a little romance, a little violence, set it in Medieval France, and you have Grave Mercy.

The Fault in our Stars: Teenagers Hazel and Augustus meet at a Cancer Kid Support Group and despite sharing a similar doom sparks fly. Sad, but funny and very irreverent.

The Innocent: (from the publisher) Will Robie, a freelance hitman working for the government, rescues a teenage girl whose parents’ disappearance may be linked to a vast, high-level cover-up.

Wolf Hall: Chronicling the rise of Thomas Cromwell, advisor to Henry VIII, Wolf Hall bears witness to the intrigues of the Tudor court.

For more summer reading ideas check out these lists:

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