Building Stories…A New Kind of Book

When you think of the physical make-up of a  book, you think of the cover,  the text block, and the back cover.   That’s pretty much it,  right?  Not anymore!  Times are changing and our books are too.  We are not talking about ebooks, rather book art, where books come alive!

Building Stories Open

The Midlothian library recently acquired a new piece of book art- Building Stories by Chris Ware.  In the 14 piece collection of  books, comic strips, maps,  a game board, and more, readers will find the story of a building’s occupants.  Depending on which piece of the book you start with, the story may turn out very differently reader to reader.  The reader chooses how to start and interpret the various parts and characters of the story.

If you would like to see Building Stories in person, please come by the Midlothian library.  This item is on reserves, so please ask the front desk for more information on viewing this fantastic piece of book art!

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