Fiction Fridays: The Time In Between

The Time In Between Abandoned and pregnant in a foreign country by her swindler lover, seamstress Sira Quiroga reinvents herself as an haute couturier in 1930s Morocco. Her clients are the wives and girlfriends of the political elite—a situation not lost on the British military secret service. buy viagra us Recruited by MI6, Sira undertakes the dangerous work of learning the plans of the Nazi authorities in Spain and Portugal. Part Nancy Drew, part George Smiley, Sira intrepidly gathers intelligence through wit and charm while dodging both bullets and bad guys.continue reading →

Fiction Friday: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

Imagine waking up every morning not knowing who you are, where you are, or who you are with. Your body is at least 20 years older than it should be. Who is this man beside you? He says he is your husband and that you have been married for years.  You are dependent on him to tell you what your memory cannot. As the day progresses you get a phone call from your doctor telling you where your journal is kept. You read about your husband, Ben, your son, Adam, your friend Claire,…continue reading →

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Poor Madison Spencer! Daughter of Hollywood legends she is now dead at 13 from marijuana overdose. Always good and could Maddy be stuck in hell with the underworld version of The Breakfast Club? Traversing a Hell containing mountains of toenail clippings, rivers of hot vomit and valleys of used disposable diapers Madison goes straight to Satan to get her answer. But first she must man the phone banks—you knew that worthless telemarketing comes from hell, right? And technology? It’s strictly dial-up and dot-matrix printers. But as Maddy says, “Even if the Bible…continue reading →

Find a new favorite! Top 100 SF & Fantasy FLOWCHART

Last June National Public Radio asked its listeners to nominate their favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy books. You can read the list for yourself—there are 100 titles. But how to choose what to read if your science fiction tastes are very specific? Perhaps you like only books with pictures or zombies or time travel. Help is at hand. Thanks to SFSignal, a blog dedicated to all things science fictional, this awesome flowchart will assist you in finding just the right book. (We know the image is impossible to read! Try the link instead.)…continue reading →

Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington

Alice Bliss Growing up is tough. Your dad getting deployed to Iraq can make it even tougher. Alice Bliss, her sister and mother must adjust to life without their father, Matt, when his Army reserve unit gets called up. Letters take a long time to arrive and telephone calls are much too short. Alice must navigate the start of high school, her first dance, and all the uncertainties of adolescence without the supportive presence of her cherished father. Then the devastating news: Matt is missing in action. For additional reading about experiences in…continue reading →